Yager announces Hwy Safety Grants for Rhea

RCSD Checkpoints
Rhea County Sheriff's Deputies at checkpoint in effort to keep roads safe. (photo submitted)

Sen. Yager announces Highway Safety Grants for Rhea County

(NASHVILLE, Tenn. – State Senator Ken Yager (R-Kingston) said  that he has been informed that ­­four Hi­­­ghway Safety Grants have been awarded to law enforcement agencies in Rhea County.  The grants will be awarded to promote public safety on Tennessee roads and curb drunk driving.

“These awards are very important to our local law enforcement agencies,” said Sen. Yager.  “They will be put to good use in keeping our roads safer.”

The grants include:

  • $25,005 to the Rhea County Sheriff’s Department for their Strategic Impaired Driving Enforcement (S.I.D.E.) program;
  • $5,272 to the Spring City Police Departments for High Visibility Enforcement;
  • $5,213 to the Dayton Police Department for High Visibility Enforcement; and
  • $9,528 to the Dayton Fire Department for Enhanced Highway Safety for Motorists and Responders.

Yager said the awards will be disbursed by the Governor’s Highway Safety Office (GHSO).  The grants are provided to agencies that successfully applied for funding based on problem and statistical need.  Applications were reviewed and scored by the GHSO and external highway safety advocates.

“The funds are essential in helping us curb drunk driving,” added Senator Yager.  “The grants should have a great impact in reducing the number of alcohol-related crashes.”

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