Viewpoint: Vision with Action is Required

Dayton, TN - June 14, 2015 - Hundreds of enthusiasts from around the nation filled Walmart Parking lot for the final day of the Walmart FLW Tour. (Curtis Niedermier / FLW)


Viewpoint submitted by Adam Sims, Dayton, Tenn.

Have you ever wondered why in the middle of a booming area, most small towns thrive and a few barely survive?

My only conclusion is that the stagnant town lacks leadership with vision. They are constantly doing the same things but expecting a different result. They are forever trying to find ways to save money and keep the tax rate low. As a property owner this sounds GREAT TO ME, but in essence this does not work. Frivolous spending is not the answer either. Leaders with vision know the difference between spending money and investing money.

As expenses go up for POLICE protection, FIRE, SEWER, and SCHOOLS, so does the need for more money. The burden of more money needs to be spread out with more contributors. For this to happen we need more jobs, more people spending money in our town, greater numbers of properties, hotels, businesses and homes added to the tax role.  This being said, I would like to thank our City Council for having the vision to invest in Rhea County’s best natural resource, Lake Chickamauga.

By promoting bass fishing tournaments the State of Tennessee tax revenue records show that an additional 12 million plus dollars was spent in our area in 2014 (gasoline not included). 28% of the sales taxes collected on this extra money goes directly back to the City and County. Also the profit from the additional money stays in the town promoting continued growth. Of the 28% of sales tax that is kept by the local governments, it is shared 50/50 between the City and the County.   When the City of Dayton thrives, the County shares in 50% of the revenue collected. Also the lodging tax (Hotel and Motel tax) collections for Rhea County increased 14% which equates to more than 5,500 more total nights used.

Keep in mind that our City and County Councils, EDC Director Dennis Tumlin, Mayor Louallen and Representative Ron Travis all took a chance on these investments. The heat that they took from the people that didn’t want these fishing tournaments to happen was almost unbearable. We need others to step up and support the future vision of our wonderful little town.

Throughout history it has been the visionary leaders that have had statues erected in their names. After a couple of years very few people remember the leaders who did nothing. It’s always easier to lead when you don’t have a vision of growth and you are comfortable with where your town is at..

Join the fight and help our leaders take RHEA COUNTY uphill. Let’s change to being the little Town that is 20 years ahead rather then always being behind!

Proverbs 29:18 Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.


Viewpoint submitted by Adam Sims, Dayton, Tenn.

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