Veterans have sacrificed to keep us free

Veterans around the county and country have given so much for their country to keep us free.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Remember, Thank, Celebrate Veterans for their service to America

November 11, 2015

Dayton, TN —  Veterans need more than a Day, but it is good to dedicate a day to celebrate their sacrifices.  Rhea County is full of young, middle aged and older men and women who have given more than we can know to keep America free.  I think most of us appreciate our freedom and understand it is not free.  My dad was a veteran and I wish I had let him know how much I appreciated his service to our country.

There will some great shows on television and America does a lot publicly to show support.   So today and on other days, sit down and thank those who have done so much.  I think it will so much more than anything on television. And let us not forget those who died to make us free and those veterans who have passed, who served and those who are presently serving.

Going forth, let us as a city, county, state and country do more to reach out to the needs of veterans everywhere.  Today veterans from our military are dealing with many scars, both physical and emotional from their time in the military.   There are  around 50,000 veterans homeless on any given night, according to the Housing and Urban Development.   There is much work to be done to reach out to these men and women.

I have provided a link with more information on Veterans and one for  Chattanooga area for restaurants that are showing their appreciation for veterans with free meals and such.  Check out these sites for more information.

VFW site

Veterans Day Free meals for Active Duty and Veterans.

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