Tyler Pendleton Leads Upper Cumberlands in Tackles

Former Rhea County Eagle Tyler Pendleton makes on of his 109 tackles for 2018-19 season at the University of Cumberlands this past season as team won 10 games against 2 losses on the year.(Photo:TylerPendleton)

Former Eagle Linebacker has 109 Tackles for 10-2 Patriots

January 2019

Williamsburg, KY — Tyler Pendleton finished his junior year at University of Cumberlands in Kentucky as leading tackler on the team with 109 tackles for 2018-19 football season. Upper Cumberlands football went from 6-4 record in 2017-18 to 10-2 in 2018-19 and finished season with triple overtime loss to Benedictine College 48-41. Tyler had 15 tackles, a game high and two off his career high of 17.

Tyler has one year left on a very good athletic and academic career at Upper Cumberlands. After injuries limited Tyler to seven games, he played 12 games this year and that resulted in 109 tackles for Pendleton. Tyler also was selected All-Conference for the second year in a row and was selected to the NAIA All Conference All-Academic team for second year in a row.

Tyler spoke about the past season. Tyler said, “We were more like a unit this year. Bringing in coach Bright as offensive coordinator really helped. Being around guys that I felt comfortable with, really made a difference. I felt like I was playing for something that was bigger than myself. I was able to stay healthy and play for the entire season. More games equals more tackles.”

“Looking back at high school, I really miss being around all my friends I grew up with and being with guys that I had always known.”

“There was a social app called vines that was big back then and we were always making these short six seconds videos and really enjoyed that.”

Tyler had 233 tackles his senior year and made All-State.

Talking about the transition to College, Tyler said, “It was rough at first. It definitely wasn’t home. For the longest time I thought I made the wrong decision. As time went on and I went through things, and relationships began to build, it changed my outlook. Looking back on it now, I would tell my freshman self, I would say “Just stick it through”. It was the best decision I have made in my life.”

“The academic resume and relationships I have made have made me better.”

“I actually made my first B at University of Cumberlands. I flunked my first Biology test. I studied in high school but I had bad study habits. It took me a while to adjust to that. It was humbling to get the B. As I am sitting in classes later in school, I was thinking, I don’t want to make a “B” again so I have to put in the time to make the A . In a way, I am glad I made the B but every time I look at my GPA, I have to remember, I made a B.”

Talking about former teammates, Tyler said, “Gavin (Downey) is up here with me. Talk to Gavin every day. I talk to Daniel Dotson and Dylan Smith pretty regular. If I see them out in the community always greet them with a hug, because there is a bond there.”

Former Eagle Gavin Downey plays offensive line for the Patriots.

Tyler is scheduled to graduate in December 2019. He is looking to pursue medical field but has not made decision where he will continue his post graduate studies after graduation from Upper Cumberlands.

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