Three Days Left to Bid on Tennessee Elk Hunting Permit

ebay elk permit
The auction for a precious 2015 Tennessee Elk Hunting Permit ends Sunday night. (Photo: Contributed)

You have three days left to submit a bid for a precious 2015 Tennessee elk hunting permit. The permit will be awarded to the successful bidder in an eBay auction that ends 10:45 pm on Sunday, July 26. Proceeds from the auction benefit the state’s elk restoration program.

At this writing the bidding is at $6,850.  CLICK HERE to access the auction and view the bids.

elk_permitSince the elk hunt was implemented in 2009, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has donated a permit to a non-governmental organization to join four others who will be chosen from a computer drawing. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation is the recipient of this year’s donated special take permit.

The successful bidder on eBay will be a participant in the hunt along with four others who will be selected in a random computer draw later this summer. Applications for the four permits for the elk hunt must be submitted by midnight (CDT) TONIGHT (July 23rd).

The very first elk hunting permit sold at auction in 2009 went for $17,000. In 2012, the permit sold at auction for $6,800. Others sold at auction have been somewhere in between.

The hunt will be held Oct. 19-23 at the North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area. The North Cumberland WMA will be divided into seven elk hunting zones (EHZ). Each of the five hunters will be designated an EHZ in a drawing to be conducted at a later date at a TWRA Region IV location.

All proceeds from the sale of the remaining special bull elk tag will go exclusively to the elk restoration program. The auction will begin at 9:30 p.m. (CDT) on July 16 and will end at 9:30 p.m. (CDT) on July 26. Search Tennessee Elk Permit on eBay to find the listing after the launch time or visit the TWRF website (hotlink: for information.

TWRF is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting habitat conservation, responsible land stewardship, and Tennessee’s hunting and fishing heritage for the benefit of TWRA and Tennessee’s outdoor enthusiasts.

In addition to this year’s elk hunt, this will be the fourth year for a Young Sportsman Elk Hunt. One young sportsman will be selected for the Oct. 24-25 hunt. Learn more HERE.

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