The 4 Most Important Tips to Safely and Securely Store Your Guns

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Every hunter will own a gun to perform this sport. Although this is seen as normal, you must remember that there are many risks involved with owning a firearm and having it in your possession. You should not own a gun if you do not follow safety guidelines carefully.

There are many risks involved with firearms and there have been many accidents reported due to these not being safely stored. Only those who are responsible and mature should be in possession of such items, to prevent significant issues, including severe injuries and even death.

Additionally, not storing your hunting guns properly may significantly reduce their lifespan.

Considering that purchasing a firearm can be difficult and expensive, depending on where you live, storing them should be your main priority. This article will provide you with the four most important tips to safely and securely store your guns.

1.   Keep Your Guns in Gun Safes

If you own a gun, it is imperative that you store it away safely so that it is out of reach completely. It is not enough to put them in a drawer. There are gun safes that you can use, this is one of the most popular and safest ways to store your firearm safely. These safes are highly durable and long-lasting safety places for any kind of gun. The only way to access the safe is through a specific key, a combination, or digital locking. This ensures that no one but you has access to the guns, particularly those who do not know how to handle firearms. Gun safes are already safe, but you can also bolt them to a concrete slab, which increases the safety they provide. You have a wide range of safes, of different sizes and configurations, which is great if you have more than one gun, and they all have different sizes. This way you can keep all of your firearms as well as any ammunition neatly organized and secure.

2.   Keep Them in Gun Cabinets

Another appropriate method to safely store your hunting weapons is to put them in a gun cabinet. Although they are not as effective and durable as the firearm safes we discussed above, they still provide you with the security you need, as not everyone will be able to easily access what is inside. Additionally, firearm cabinets are generally cheaper than most gun-safe models, thus providing you with an affordable option if you are on a budget but still want to invest in storage and security for your guns.  They can be a great choice if you need to consider a budget. These cabinets are usually wide and have enough space to store a variety of guns as well as additional accessories you may want to keep safely stored away. Unlike many gun safes, cabinets are lightweight enough that you can move them from different locations.

3.   Use Gun Socks When Storing Your Firearm

Adequate maintenance of your firearms is essential if you want to ensure they last as long as possible. Keeping them protected from dents and moisture is essential. A good way to ensure this is achieved is by putting your guns individually wrapped in gun socks. These socks have specific chemicals that protect the gun from rust and corrosion, and it keeps every firearm from rubbing against each other. Before investing in gun socks, make sure to look at a guide to gun socks protection so that you know the benefits of getting this and why you should use it. Looking after your gun when it is stored away is just as important as looking after it when you use it.

4.   Make Everyone Aware of Rules

If you have guns in your home and do not live alone, you should take the time to go over ground rules with every member, including the children (when they are old enough). Evidently, you must ensure the firearms are stored away. Once this is done correctly, you will need to tell your loved ones where you keep the guns and advise them this is out of bounds. Remind them of the dangers of playing with firearms without being a grown-up or fully trained.


Being in possession of a firearm is a serious matter and the safety around this should not be taken lightly. Make sure to follow the tips discussed above, which are vital to ensure your hunting guns are safely and securely stored. This will mean they will work effectively for longer as well as prevent any potential safety issues where someone may end up getting hurt accidentally.

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  1. It was really helpful when you said that you can get a gun safe. My husband was telling me last night about how he wants to look into getting his first gun and wants to make sure that he knows how to store it properly before getting one. I’ll make sure to pass this information along to him so that he can look into getting a gun safe!


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