Spring City Bulldogs Football Opens With Win On The Road

Latron Alloway running hard against Lake Forest on opening day for the Bulldogs as they won 22-6.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Bulldogs win 22-6 at Lake Forest, will face Harriman on 23rd

August 2018

Cleveland, TN —  Spring City Middle School opened their season in Cleveland and came away with a 22-6 road win over Lake Forest.  Spring City scored on their first possession to take early 8-0 lead on touchdown by Kade Houston.  At 3:47 mark of first quarter, Latron Alloway scored up the middle from short yardage for a 14-0 lead and he then added the two point conversion for the 16-0 lead.  Things stymied a bit during the second and third quarters before Spring City tacked on a late touchdown.  Cooper Brackett added the last touchdown after a fumble recovery by J.R. Wilson and some good running by Latron Alloway to get the ball down inside the five.

The Bulldog defense played well against the passing attack of Lake Forest.  They kept pressure on the quarterback and stopped the run on the night.  On offense, three different runners scored for the Bulldogs, with Alloway, Brackett and Houston scoring touchdowns.  Latron Alloway carried the ball well for Spring City.  The Bulldogs will have home opener on Thursday night at 7 pm.  The young players of Spring City will continue to learn on the field and hopefully results will mirror the opening game.

Coach Anthony Loden said, “It was a good first game for us.  Lot of kids got playing time and experience for us tonight.  We kind of skeptical on how well we would play on the road in our first game.  The boys came through and played pretty well for us.  Next week we play at home against Harriman, a little big bigger team and we will have to be prepared for them.”


Spring City Roster and Schedule:

GradeJersey #
Cooper Brackett63
Jaxon Reed711
Caleb Carr612
Chris Gornick719
Matthew Stout620
Cameron Ariks721
Kade Houston722
Latron Alloway623
Aiden Dunn724
Caden Thompson725
Ethan Mosley626
JR Wilson828
Caleb O’Dell729
Blake Rigsby831
Dylan Pugh833
Jude Roberson740
Joshua Patterson644
Luke Parker750
Elijah Williams851
Adler Finley752
Kadin Reece753
Jaxson Hickman854
Hunter Crowe755
Ethan Edwards856
Tug Baldassaro757
Jayden Woods858
Trey Orick859
Carson Fisher762
Carter Jolley663
Dominic Carden764
Aden Glover671
Will Combs873
Jonathon McGill777
Trey Bennett878
Tyler Neal879
Kamron Sharp680




Date               Place                 Opponent                                         Time

August   16         ( Away )                  Lake Forest                                                 7:00 pm


August   23         ( Home )                 Harriman                                                  7:00 pm


August   30         ( Home )                Sequatchie County                                    7:00 pm


Sept.        6          ( Home )                Dayton City   ( Homecoming )                 7:00 pm


Sept.        13         ( Home )                McMinn Co.                                             7:00 pm


Sept.        20         ( Away )                 Rockwood                                                  7:00 pm


Sept.        27         ( Away )                Marion County                                            7:00 pm


Oct.          4          ( Home )                Rhea Middle  ( 8th Grade Night )            7:00 pm



Oct.     11                                Playoff Week 1

                    ( At #2 Site )    #3 East vs #2 West                                7:00 pm

                    ( At #2 Site )    #3 West vs #2 East                                7:00 pm

                                              #1 Gets A Bye



Oct.     18                                 Playoff Week 2                                                ( At #1 Site )   Winner of #3 East and #2 West vs #1 East             7:00 pm ( At #1 Site )   Winner of #3 West and #2 East vs #1 West            7:00 pm




Oct.     27                           Championship Games

                                   At Campbell County High School


                                                       ( A )                                               TBD

                                                     ( AA )                                           TBD

                                                    ( AAA )                                         TBD

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