Shake the Lake & Pageant Beats the Rain

The judges and Spring City Misses were on hand for judging and prize presentation on Saturday. Left to right Marianna Castaneda, Davinity Tallent, Amber Boyd, Kattie Chattin, Abby Sattler, Kaitlyn Couch and Allyson Varner.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Shake the Lake, Miss and Mr. Firecracker Pageant and other events beat the rain

July 4, 2015

Spring City, TN —  Shake the Lake and the Firecracker Pageant battled the weather on Saturday and finished with music and fireworks after the pageant and games and contests.  Intermittent rain was the order of the day but it was still a good crowd early for the always popular Miss and Mister Firecracker pageant.

The youngest group of contestants started out the day with a big crowd of competitors and the participation was good in the younger ages.  There were a lot of very cute children involved and some of he decisions by the judges were probably very close.

Winners by age group and gender are shown below.

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New Born to 12 year old Girls
Winner. Kinslee Sinclair
1st  Runner up – Aria Whalen
2nd Runner up – Lilah Kate Harvey
3rd Runner up – Oaklynn Benton


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New Born to 12 year old Boys

Winner Nash Parker Kubelick
1st Runner up –  Kai Ciero
2nd Runner up –  Garon Sullivan


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13 to 23 month old Girls
Winner Novalee Mendoza
1st Runner up –  Bristol Russell
2nd Runner up – Oaklynn Reed
3rd Runner up – Annie Day


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13 to 23 month old Boys

Winner Brantley Clark
1st Runner up –  Jayden Crawford
2nd Runner up –  Wade Warren


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2 to 3 year old girls

Winner Kinlee Grace Patton
1st Runner up –  Kylei Sue Sherrill
2ndRunner up –  Bella Russell
3rdRunner up –  Alysia Hickman


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2/3 year old Boys
Winner Hunter Neal


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4/5 year old Girls

Winner Kaylen Ainsworth
1st Runner up –  Hailey Blagg
2nd Runner up –  Taylor Lambeth
3rd Runner up – Brooklyn Neal


[col type=”one-fourth last”]

4/5 year old Boys
Winner Curtis Richey
1st Runner up Kayden Arnoldt


[col type=”half”]

6/7/8 year old Girls

Winner Brianna Couch
1st Runner up  Kyra Arnoldt
2nd Runner up Esmeralda Pablo
3rd Runner up Hannah Clark.


[col type=”half last”]

6/7/8 year old Boys

Winner Bryson Arnoldt
1st Runner up  KP Langford


All three judges for the pageant were former Miss Spring City pageant winners.  The latest winner was 2014 Miss Spring City, Katie Chattin.  2013 Miss Spring City Kaitlyn Couch was the second judge and 2011 Miss Spring City, Davinity Tallent rounded out the court.

Katie Chattin is currently a sophomore at the University of Tennessee, where she is majoring in Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology.   She is a member of Sigma Phi Lambda Sorority and working as Research Assistant at UT Medical Center.

Kaitlyn Couch will be a sophomore at Bryan college this Fall, majoring in Elementary Education.  She has been involved with the Hilltop players at Bryan.   The program boasts a wide variety of productions, from Greek tragedy to modern mysteries. Also, they annually work in tandem with the Music Department to produce popular musicals.

Davinity Tallent is a Senior at Liberty University.  She will graduate in December with a major in Health Promotion and minors in Biblical Studies & Spanish.  After graduation, she plans to go into full-time ministry with her fiance.

The 4 Miss Spring City Contest winners this year helped with the pageant.  Miss Spring City did the Master of Ceremony work and the other 3 Miss Spring City winners did the medal/crown presentations and helped coordinate the event.

Miss Spring City 2015 is Amber Boyd.  Amber is in her Freshman of college this fall and pursuing a degree in Nuclear Engineering.  She graduated High School in top 10% of her class and is in Phi Theta Kappa, a honor society at Chattanooga State.

Junior Miss Spring City 2015 is Abby Sattler.  Abby is a Sophomore at Rhea County High School.  She is also a model and actress with Barbizon.  She loves to travel and plans to add California to her long list of travel adventures, later this month.

Allyson Varner is Young Miss 2015.  She is in 7th grade at SCMS.  She is cheerleader for the Bulldogs and plays golf for Rhea Middle School.  Allyson wanted to wish everyone a Happy July 4th.

Little Miss Spring City 2015 is Marianna Castaneda, who is 9 years old and attends Spring City Middle School.  Marianna is a cheerleader at SCMS.  She also takes voice and piano lessons and has performed in two plays, The Little Mermaid and Pirates.

After the pageant, it was time for the always fun eating contests.  First up was the pickle eating contest and then the watermelon eating contest.  Pickle eating was interesting but watermelon eating was by far the most fun to watch as participants were not allowed to use their hands.  Eating down to the rind took some time but eventually the winner and runner ups were crowned.  Listed below are the winners for the eating contests.  Who said eating contest were not tough.  Tyler Mutchler, one of the younger contestants lost a tooth in the competition but after short pause was back into action.  Tyler gets the courage award on this day.

Tyler Mutchler, second from the left, shown here with younger watemelon eating competitors, lost a tooth but hardly missed a bite.
Tyler Mutchler, second from the left, shown here with younger watemelon eating competitors, lost a tooth but hardly missed a bite.













Watermelon Eating Contest

2nd James Mutchler
1st Tyler Mutchler
3rd Chris Cornett

Pickle Eating Contest

2nd Alyssa Cate
1st James Mutchler
3rd Rhett Mutchler

After the eating contests, it was the duck race and on this day it was a “duck” kind of race as the rain fell during the race.  Despite the rain there were 4 winners in that competition, with first place winner, Theresa Baldassaro, taking home a Lazy Boy chair.  Second place received $100 and third place $50.  In a unusual occurrence, it was the same winner for 2nd and 3rd place with Lori Spinks winning 2nd and 3rd.  Finishing last and still receiving a $30 gift card was Gary Miller.

Next came the music and the entertainment began with a young lady, Kristen McCampbell, from Soddy Daisy, began the musical entertainment and  Corey Allen Rose, from Georgia, finished. Local Spring City Middle student and athlete, Drake Taylor did a great job on the National Anthem.   Finally the day blended into night and the fireworks brought the festivities to an end.

As usual there was the Kiwanis Club train circling the park giving train rides to the children and despite the rain the train was busy for most of the day.  There were also several vendors at Veteran’s Park dispensing food, bows, pins, neck rubs and religious information, among other things.

Members of the Park Board volunteering were Dodie Baldassaro, Matt Bauer, Angie Carr, Jerry Cook, Terry Fischesser, Betsy Graves, Aaron Loden, Michelle McCuistion, Rona Pruitt and Tina Stinnette.  Honey Romino was there representing Friends of the Park and we must not forget those volunteers who helped get the Park ready.   Don Carr, Randy McCuistion, Mike Pritchett and Kenneth Reed put in the behind the scenes work.

Board Member Tina Stinnette said, “I want to give thanks to all the people from the community who came out today despite to weather to support Shake the Lake.”

Board Member Michelle McCuiston said, “We always had a good steady flow of people throughout the day.”

Several individuals and businesses donated funds for the fireworks.  See below.

Several local Individuals and Businesses donated money to help fund the fireworks this year. List is above.
Several local Individuals and Businesses donated money to help fund the fireworks this year. List is above.













Lots of pics from the day’s festivities below.  Click next to see other pages. Over 200 pics.

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