Scopes Festival to include Bluegrass Competition, Car Show

Photo Credit: Christophe Losberger (sitatof) Flickr via cc modified for editorial use by Rhea Review

The annual Scopes festival is back this summer, July 14-17, but this year Rhea County residents will have even more to look forward to.

On top of the normal festivities, there will also be a bluegrass festival and competition happening on July 15th. The bluegrass festival will include live bands, food and craft vendors, and even a car show.

This event will mark the first of its kind in Rhea County, but there are plans to make the bluegrass festival an annual event.

The idea for a bluegrass festival in Rhea County began with County Executive George Thacker.

“Everything in Rhea County started with the Scopes Trial.  We’re adding a car show and bluegrass festival to create a great day for Rhea County to celebrate.  If we can put all these things together with the Scopes Festival it can become a major annual event,” he said.

Julie Keener, administrative assistant with Keener Marketing, says many bands are still registering for the event.

“We have enough bands to keep the festival going for as long as the people want to stay! There will be plenty to do and much to enjoy! It is family friendly and a great place to spend a summertime Saturday,” she said.

First place in the bluegrass festival will leave with a $1000 prize, and there will also be awards for specific instruments.

Bluegrass bands or musicians interested in performing in the competition should visit

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