Rhea on high alert in response to #CHA shooting

The National Guard Armory in Dayton remains on high alert in response to #CHA Shooting. (photo: Elmer Harris / Rhea Review)

Rhea County Law Enforcement on High Alert in response to #CHA Shooting

Reports coming in confirm four soldiers have been killed at two military centers by unknown gunmen in Chattanooga.  While a massive investigation is ongoing as to the motive of the two shooters,  reports confirm that one shooter is dead and the other is in critical condition.

In response, Rhea County and Dayton law enforcement quickly heightened security measures.  Working in concert, the Rhea County Sheriff’s Department and Dayton City Police closed down two potential target locations including the National Guard Armory and the Rhea County Veteran’s Affairs office at the Phil Swafford Building.

“What we did was went ahead and closed down armory and the veteran’s affairs office in the county annex,” said Sheriff Mike Neal.  “We were trying to stay ahead of the situation.”

In addition to placing military locations on high alert, authorities were ready to respond in any manner necessary to keep the city and county safe.

Dayton City Police Chief Chris Sneed says, “All of our main roads coming into the city and county, the City of Dayton and the sheriff’s department called in a few guys just to be visible and be seen in some of our high traffic areas.”

With an FBI investigation now underway, Sheriff Neal says, “I feel like things are 75% back to normal, but they are still in the process of ensuring all suspects and threats have been eliminated.  We’re still taking precautions till we’re 100%.

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