Rhea Middle Volleyball honors 8th graders in final home game


Rhea Middle Volleyball honors 8th graders with flowers and gifts at final game at home

Tuesday, March 5, 2014

Evensville, TN — Rhea Middle School hosted Lake Forrest Middle School in its last regular season game of the year on Tuesday afternoon. This was the last regular game for thirteen 8th graders. 8th graders on this year’s Volleyball team include: Merry Downey, Savannah Nazario, Katelyn Rogers, Yuri Lopez, Hailee Robinson, Sally Tallent, Abby Wall, Amanda Creek, Paige Travis, Crissy Everett, Charlie Zimmerle and Selena Crespo. On Thursday the Volleyball team will be playing at Cleveland Middle School in the post-season tournament.

Rhea Middle School won the first game against Lake Forrest 25-15 and fought hard before winning the second game by a 25-19 score. For the two games, Sally Tallent had 21 good passes, Katelyn Goins had 16 good sets and Amanda Creek had 15 good serves. Other performers of note for the Lady Eagles were Caitlyn Farnsworth and Yuri Lopez. Farnsworth had 8 good serves and 8 good passes. Lopez had 4 good serves and 5 good passes. The Seniors were honored after the game with flowers and gifts.

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Photos by Gary Bolden

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