Rhea Middle Cheer camp returns March 16


Get a Leg Up with Cheering Fundamentals at Rhea Middle Cheer Camp

Rhea Middle Cheer Camp returns Monday March 16 at Rhea Central Elementary School. Camp will begin at 3:15 and go to 5:00 each day. Girls from grades PRE K through 8TH are encouraged to attend this year’s Cheer Camp. Each camper will get a free camp t-shirt included in the camp fee of $35. Friends and family now have the option this year to purchase a Camp Shirt of their own on Thursday for $10.

The annual cheer show finale will be on Thursday at 4:30. During this time, all the different cheer groups will be able to perform in front of friends and family to show off the skills they learned that week at camp. For further information you may contact Christi Mcpherson at mcphersonc@rheacounty.org

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