Rhea Historical Society holds final meeting of 2016

The R.N. Gillespie cabin located in Old Washington has been donated to the Rhea County Historical Society. (Photo by Dean Wilson Rhea Review)

Rhea County Historical Society receives donations and prepares for 2017 Officers.

The Rhea County Historical Society met on the 20th of November for their final meeting of the year. The Historical Society members meet every other month in the famous Rhea County Courthouse.

The agenda for the meeting included discussion on moving the donated Gillespie Cabin, a recent monetary donation towards the preservation of the courthouse, and the submission of members for consideration of the 2017 officers.

In 2013, Willie and Karen Hughes donated the original R.N. Gillespie’s 19th century log cabin to the Rhea County Historical Society. Although the exact date of the cabin is unknown, it was lived in by R.N. Gillespie during the time when his home was being built according to County Historian Pat Guffey. The Historical Society has partnered with the Rhea County Fair and are currently negotiating moving the cabin to a location on the fairgrounds.

In other business, Rhea Historical Society Treasure Daniel MacNeill reported that in October, the Strong Women of Rhea County held a dinner on the Courthouse Lawn and raised over $13,000.00 for two charities. Tennessee First Lady Crissy Haslam was the keynote speaker at the dinner. The Rhea County Historical Society and The Rhea County Imagination Library received equal shares of the raised proceeds. The Historical Societies part has been designated for needed repairs on the courthouse.

It is once again time to elect new officers for the coming new year. Pat Guffey, County Historian, announced the names of the members up for consideration. Those include Ralph Green for President, Dean Wilson for Vice-President, Jacob Ellis for Secretary, Daniel

MacNeill for Treasure, and Debbie Shaver for Registered Agent. The members of the Historical Society will vote on these positions in the January 2017 meeting.

Ralph Green
Ralph Green speaks to the Historical Society on the historical impact of Return Jonathan Meigs at Hiawassee Garrison (Photo by Dean Wilson Rhea Review)

This month’s keynote speaker was Ralph Green, a retired school teacher from Rhea Central High School in Dayton. Mr. Green gave a presentation on Return Jonathan Meigs and the role he played in the history of Hiawassee Garrison.

The Historical Society will meet again on Sunday, January 15, 2017, at 2:30 pm in the Rhea County Courthouse. The public is invited to attend.


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