Rhea County’s Garrett Smith Will Serve in Marines

Rhea County High School Senior Garrett Smith will swear in with Marines on Thursday and prepare for a new chapter in life.(Photo:GaryBolden/Rheareview)

Garrett Smith Swears in on Thursday in Knoxville

March 2019

Knoxville, TN —  Rhea County Senior Garrett Smith signed up with United States Marines and will swear in tomorrow in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Garrett has been a football player and one of Rhea County’s finest wrestlers.  Garrett finished third at TSSAA State Tournament this year, his fourth trip to state tournament.

Garrett answered a few questions about his choice.

Garrett said, “I’m signing a five year contract for the Marines, and I plan of making it my career.”

“I will be pursuing 0323 Reconnaissance, parachute qualified.”

I asked about service in his family and Garrett said, “My father served ten years in the Army and my grandfather served 10 years in the Navy.”

Talking about what he might do after the Marines, he said, “My thought of career after Marines would revolve around getting involved with the FBI, CIA or maybe SWAT team type of career.”

Garrett talked about former classmates who have gone on to the Marines. “I have three friends who are currently Marines.  Those are Jose Marquez, Tyler Conley and Jason Sneed.”

When asked about boot camp, Garrett said, “My boot camp will be at Paris Island in North Carolina and I’ve got a lot of great advice from great people that will help me throughout boot camp and my career.”

“I want to defend what I love the most, my family and friends.  Most Importantly, I want to defend my country and the Marines are the baddest of the bad.  I wnat to earn the title and be one of “the few and the proud”.

We thank Garrett in advance for his service and our thanks go out to those in all branches of the service who have gone on before.

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