Rhea County Seeking Sponsors for Athletic Building

Rhea County High School could use a multi use athletic building and plans are in place to begin the process.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Project Scope State Issued for 24,000 Square Foot Athletic Facility

March 2019

Evensville, TN — Rhea County Director of Schools, Jerry Levengood discussed plans for a new Rhea County Athletic Building that would sit near the Rhea County High School Softball field in a letter to potential sponsors.

In the letter, Mr. Levengood says, “The Department of Education is planning to build an indoor sports facility at Rhea County High School.”

“We currently have 420 high school students who participate in sports at the school.  The facility will allow sports teams to practice indoor during inclement weather.  We have seen an increase in the amount of and severity of inclement weather over the past few years that have limited the preparation of our teams.  In addition, most schools that we compete against have an indoor facility.”

“Our goal is to build this facility without borrowing any money or to increase any burden on the taxpayers of Rhea County.  We are therefore seeking businesses, individuals and concerned citizens to consider making a donation to the building of this facility.”

“An account has been setup at Rhea County High School for this purpose and gifts given will be tax deductible.”

“If you would like to make a donation, please send to Rhea County High School and designate it for the sports facility. ”

The address is 885 Eagle Lane, Evensville, Tennessee 37332.  If you have further question, or if you would like us to come pick up your donation, please contact Jerry Levengood at 423-775-7812 or Jesse Messimer at 423-285-6833 and we will be glad to answer question or assist in any way.

“We want to thank you in advance for your help with this project.  Our high school, football stadium, track, baseball and softball fields are all beautiful facilities and ones for which we as a community can be proud.  We’d ask you to consider helping us to complete our projects with this new facility.”

The engineered metal, 24,000 square foot facility would be 162 by 151 foot wide and long and 20 feet tall.

At the recent school board meeting, Mr. Levengood said, “Many of the other schools we compete against have this type of facility.  With the amount of rain we have been seeing, it would be very beneficial to all our athletic teams that play outdoors to have a place to practice when it rains.”

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