Rhea County Schools receive highest TNReady Scores

TNReady Assessments give Rhea County School System Top Marks

Rhea County High School.(photo submitted)

Rhea County families have good reason to celebrate as the recently released school-level TNReady results gave the Rhea County School System the highest grade possible, a Level 5 rating.

While the entire Rhea County School system’s overall score achieved the Level 5 distinction, three schools in the district performed exceptionally well.  Graysville Elementary, Spring City Middle, and Rhea County High School each reached individual scores of Level 5.

Rhea County Director of Schools, Jerry Levengood

With many state school districts grading out at Level 1, Rhea County Director of Schools, Jerry Levengood, aims to give credit where it’s due.

“It’s a reflection of our teachers, administrators, and students,” praises Levengood.

“Even the schools that didn’t get a Level 5 across the board, still had very strong areas of success.”

While TNReady results look at students’ overall achievement and include whether a student scored as on track or mastered on their spring assessment, growth scores look at how much students are growing, regardless of whether they were proficient.

Taken together, these results show a fuller picture of students’ performance.

While Levengood is pleased with the results, he’s committed to seeing Rhea County Schools continue this trajectory of success each year.

“Overall we had a good year, and we’re very excited about that,” Levengood.

“Now we’re already into a new year, and we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work.”

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