Rhea County Remembers Service On Memorial Day

Freshly placed reefs at War Memorial monument honor the fallen on Memorial Day 2019.(Photo:GaryBolden/rheareview)

Ceremony For Those Who Gave Their Life For Country

May 2019

Dayton, TN —  On the grounds of the Rhea County Courthouse and the monument for servie members who served and died for Rhea County in war, a brief ceremony was held to honor those who died in war and also a time was taken to remember those veterans who died since last Memorial Day.

A last minute substitute guest speaker was Brock Harris. A native of Rhea County, Brock graduated from Rhea County High School in 1983. He graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 1987, earning a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in Finance. He joined the United States Army in 1988, retiring with over 28 years of active duty service to our Nation in 2016.  Brock is now an investment advisor here in Rhea County.,

Before the ceremony the Rhea County High School band played several patriotic songs and then the JROTC color guard from the high school presented colors.  A small group sang the national anthem and then after Clyde Fitzgerald prayed, Brock spoke about what Memorial Day means to our country and how important the veterans and their families were to our freedom.  There was a reading of the names of service men.  Reefs were placed at the monnument and taps was played.  It was very moving ceremony, especially to those who appreciated the sacrifices made by these men and women for us.

List of 63 Veterans native to Rhea County who passed since last Memorial Day.

Charles E. BeamBufford W. Snow
Caleb HillKenneth L. Poteet
Ronald E. GrimesBarrett B. Bishop
Robert L. ScottJames E. Thomas, Sr.
Donald L. HillJimmie L. Hall
Earl W. HarrisKenneth W. McCloud
Homer E. HahnJeanne L. McCoy
Glen R. LongGeorge E. Parrott
James E. SilcoxKenneth R. Riggs
Robert A. ThurmanOlen H. Davis
James J. Bornhoeft, IIIThomas A. Ainge
William C.GreerJackie A. Fine
Paul ArdeleanGeorga A. Schaller
Lowell T. CunnynghamDonald S. Pritt
James H. SimerlyArvil E. Ward
William ShumanJohn R. Beasley
Walter JeffersJohn P. Bourne
Silas M. TaylorJ. R. Bell
J.D. ReelWallace Powell
Floyd WilsonHome C. True
Thomas W. ElderGary W. Inman
Charles L. MorganLeonard B. Weller
Louis E. MartinCarl East
William G. KeltchCordell L. Gibson
William B. ReedGuy T. Denton
Jesse GibbsHugh H. Monday
Robert F. GarrisonGerald W. Swain, Sr.
Donald E. SwaffordCharles T. Carr
Ernest C. Onks Jr.Richard A. Lawson
George D. DavisMartin D. Stephens
James DavisCharles R. Fredley
Jimmy R. Marler


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