Rhea County Golf Clinic looks to future

The Dayton Junior Golf Clinic attracted 25 young golfers this year for the chance to learn how to drive, chip and putt.(Photo:GaryBolden/GaryBoldenPhotography)

Junior Golf Clinic 2015 hosts 25 possible future stars at Dayton Golf and Country Club

June 17, 2015

Dayton, TN —  The Junior Golf Clinic for 2015 had 25 participants and they learned the basics of Golf.  Driving, Chipping and Putting were the areas of concentration for the youngsters.  Maybe someday, one of those young golfers will be competing on the PGA tour.  Now odds are against it, but earlier this month, a former Rhea County Golfer, Hunter Green was in competition with a possible spot in the U.S. Open, so you never know when the next professional golfer might come through the Clinic.

Ray Talley has been conducting the Junior Golf Clinic for 25 years and he and his camp staff continue to teach and reach out to those interested in learning the game of golf.   Ray Talley will continue to hold the clinics to provide an opportunity for those looking for an introduction to the game and those looking to increase their skill level.

Participating this year were: Ephrem Talley, Amelia Talley, Lilly Chattin, Jamison Knight, Elijah Ainley, Korea Ainley, Stephen Green, Lane Brooks, Elijah Anderson, Owen McCosh, Warren Langley, Jackson Langley, Cole Ruehling, Austin Boofer, Byron Marshall, Seth York, Owen Ray, Gauge Range, Aaliyah Kate McPherson, Xander McPherson, Lillie Hunt, Gauge Sneed, Fallon Cornwell, Brock Cornwell and Jeremy Doss.

Camp Instructors this year included Ray Talley, Nathan Talley(Rhea County High School Golf Coach), Bill Chattin(Rhea Middle Golfing Coach), Logan Vincent (Dayton Golf and Country Club) and Marshall Taylor (longtime supporter of Junior Golf).

The golfers were put into 3 groups:  Boys, age 7 to 10, Boys age 11-14 and Girls.  The players competed on the last day in a competition for best Driver, Chipper and Putter in each division with 3 places being awarded.  Prizes were awarded at the end of camp as well as prizes for other accomplishments during the camp.  The winners of the 3 contests for each group are listed below:

Boys ages 7 – 10 years:

Driving – 1. Cole Ruehling 2. Gauge Sneed  3. Brock Cornwell
Chipping – 1. Cole Ruehling 2. Ephrem Talley 3. Brock Cornwell
Putting – 1. Ephrem Talley  2. Elijah Anderson  3. Elijah Ainley

Boys ages 11 -14:

Driving – 1. Seth York 2. Owen McCosh  3. Zander McPherson
Chipping – 1.Jackson Langley  2. Lane Brooks  3. Owen McCosh
Putting – 1. Lane Brooks  2. Owen McCosh  3. Zander McPherson


Driving – 1. Lilly Chattin  2. Falon Cornwell  3. Lillie Hunt
Chipping – 1. Korea Ainley  2. Amelia Talley 3. Falon Cornwell
Putting – 1. Lilly Chattin 2. Korea Ainley  3. Aaliyah Kate McPherson

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