Rhea County Fishing team wins SBA Event

Rhea County Fishing team took first place with 30,96 pounds to edge out Whitwell High School on Saturday with 26.50 pounds. Rhea County had 3 o the top 9 weights turned in, highlighted by team of Jesse Hooker and Nathan Shaver with 12.76 lbs.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Rhea County High School Anglers win first Fishing Event with 4 teams in top 15

February 20, 2016

Chattanooga, TN —  Rhea County High School Fishing team won the Sportsman’s Warehouse High School Bass Tournament, hosted by the Silverdale Baptist Academy Seahawks on Lake Chickamauga.   Rhea County had three teams in the top nine, as they won.  Baylor Lane and Jarred Moore of Whitwell High School brought in first place weight with 13.77 pounds.  Rhea County had 30.96 pounds for first place and Whitwell High School had 26.50 pounds for 2nd place.  Jesse Hooker had team record 10.53 bass for big bass and he and teammate Nathan Shaver came in with 12.76 pounds for second.

1. Baylor Layne and Jarred Moore Whitwell HS 13.77 lbs.
2. Nathan Shaver and Jesse Hooker RCHS 12.76 lbs.
3. Cameron Poole and Wade Coleman RCHS 11.35 lbs.
4. John Roberts and Luke Roberts Sale Creek 11.28 lbs.
5. Ryan Winchester and Jake Lee Clinton HS 9.96 lbs.
6. Kaleb Dople and Randy Dople Jellico HS 9.45 lbs.
7. Gavin Ainslie and Colin Gregory Central HS 8.12 lbs.
8. Dawson Hembree and Seth Roberts Campbell County HS 6.96 lbs.
9. Hunter Cox and Tyler Price RCHS 6.85 lbs.
10. Colby McCurry and Cameron Lee Whitwell HS 6.78 lbs.
11. Austin Banther and Jake Watts Central HS 6.54 lbs.
12. Dalton Powell and Joseph Green Whitwell HS 5.95 lbs.
13. Wade Sneed and Cody Gunter RCHS 5.88 lbs.
14. Michael Cato and Michael Covington East Hamilton 5.71 lbs.
15. Eli Mitchell and Tyler Lusk Soddy Daisy 4.93 lbs.

Over 60 boats and 14 different high schools participated in the Sportsman’s Warehouse / Silverdale Baptist Academy Invitational tournament on February 20, 2016 on Chickamauga Lake. Rhea County High School took 20 boats to this 1st event of the year.

Coach Brian Derlak said, “Our caravan was incredible! Looking from my rear view mirror as we traveled south on Highway 27, there were trucks and boats for half a mile following me to the lake.”

“I would also like to express my gratitude to the Dayton Police Department and the Rhea County Sheriffs Department for our escort out of town.”

“Fishing proved to be tough, but it is wintertime, and the fish are still very unpredictable. There were not many fish caught, but there was one giant that was reeled in. Jesse Hooker caught a giant fish on the 5th cast of the morning that weighed 10.53 pounds.”

“It is a new school record and barely eclipsed Cody Gunters school record of 10.38 pounds that was set a few years ago. After his school record catch, Hooker stated “I always wanted to catch a fish over 10. Each year in the early Spring the fish are gorging on minnows and crawfish. Some are also full of eggs before the spawn; perfect timing. When I saw her the first time I immediately knew that it was the fish of a lifetime.”

“I’m very thankful for a beautiful fishery like Chickamauga and very thankful for this opportunity. Knowing that there are more true giants out there, my new goal is to jack one over 12.”

“Jesse is an incredible young man who is a great leader and teammate on this years squad, and will surely be missed when he graduates in May.”

“I am proud of this entire team and what they do. The majority of these kids only have this sport to call their team. they do. The majority of these kids only have this sport to call their team. It is a great outreach for those who don’t play conventional sports like football, baseball, and basketball.”

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