Rhea County Eagle Anglers win 3rd Tourney

The Rhea County Eagle Angles are on a roll with their third win of the year picked up this weekend in Chattanooga in the SBA Sportsman's Warehouse Tournament.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReviewPhotography)

Eagles win 3rd Annual SBA “Sportsman’s Warehouse” Team Trophy

March 14, 2015

Chattanooga, TN — The Rhea County Anglers won the 3rd Annual SBA “Sportsman’s Warehouse Team Trophy on Saturday in a tournament held at the Chickamauga Dam area in Chattanooga.  This was the third tournament win of the year for the Rhea County Eagles.

Chase Watson and Drew Gunter, Cameron Poole and Wade Coleman(3rd place), and Nathan Shaver and Jesse Hooker were the top Eagle weights for today. Chase Watson and Drew Hunter were the only Rhea County team to have five keepers.   Nathan Shaver and Jesse Hooker  also brought in three fish which weighed 6.65 lbs.. Tyler Conley and Josh Lamb brought in two fish today that weighed 4.43 lbs.. J. W. Gailor and Wade Sneed brought in one nice bass weighing 4.21 lbs.

In the individual awards, it was Harley Owens and Jordan Belton from Campell County finished 5th but they the big fish of the day on jerk bait.  They had two fish that weighed 10.16 lbs.  Jordan Bolten caught a 8.02  lb fish for big fish.  Soddy Daisy High School team of Owen Vice and Slater Daniel had 3 fish that weighed in  at 11.03 lbs to finish 4th place.  Cameron Poole and Wade Coleman had 3 fish weighing 13.27 lbs. and big fish weighting 5.84 lbs for 3rd place.

Second place went to Chase Watson and Drew Gunter with 16.06 lbs for the five fish they hauled in.   First place went to Soddy Daisy’s duo of Justin Taylor and Brent Jarvis, who caught 5 fish for 21.19 lbs.  They did not catch a fish last weekend.  They only had 1 fish caught with 45 minutes left in the day and hit a bank and pulled in fish after fish.

Top three overall School Team Standings:

1st – Rhea County – 35.98 lbs.
2nd – Soddy Daisy – 34.65 lbs.
3rd – Campbell County – 18.06 lbs.

Team standings determined by top 3 individuals from each team.

High school teams competing in this tournament were Soddy Daisy, Sale Creek, Chattanooga Central, Silverdale Baptist Academy, Grundy County, East Hamilton, Campbell County, Jellico, and Rhea County.

Coach Brian Derlak said, “the kids that won the tournament today, Wow that was a pretty cool story.  That is why you fish to the end every day.”

“Kids fished hard today.  Fishing was tough today.  Started out very rainy this morning.”

Rhea County Angler’s team presently has 46 member, probably the largest High School team in the Nation.

Eagle Roster listed by Class year below:


Justin Wright
Shane Broadwell
Bryce Travis
Josh Lamb
Zac Burnes
Dillan Moore


Wade Coleman
Chase Watson
Jesse Hooker
Drew Gunter
Cameron Poole
Taylor Clark
Cody Gunter
Nathan Shaver
Kyla Southerland
Bradley Warfield


Wade Sneed
Hattie Shaver
AJ Youther
Tyler Price
JW Gailor
Tyler Tillotson
Jaramia Holder
Logan Salmon
Dustin Osborne
Tyler Conley
Austin Smith
Garrett Hall
Kenneth Daniels
Brittany Harris


Ridge Boofer
Hunter Flory
Hailee Robinson
Baylor Dulaney
Braden Sims
Macky McCrary
Dillon Nelson
Austin Goins
Tyler Daniels
Brad Douglas

Middle School

Bryar Goins – 8th
Alex Boles – 8th
John Shaver – 8th
Nate Varner – 8th
Hunter Presley- 7th grade
Patience Harris- 6th grade
Noah Varner- 6th grade

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