Rhea County Bowling Wins 2019 Region

Rhea County High School Bowling team won District Tournament Championship and will host Lawrence County on Monday.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Eagles Beat Soddy & Bradley to Win Region Tourney

January 7 2019

Cleveland, TN — The Rhea County High School boys’ team won the Region Tournament Championship with wins against Soddy and Bradley to advance on to Sub-State game on Monday at 2 pm as they will host Lawrence County at 2 pm est on Monday, January 13th.

Rhea County began the morning with a win over Soddy Daisy High School. Eagles did not get off to good start and trailed 6-2 after one game of three game match. Eagles were still down 9-7 after game two and trailed by 37 pins overall. In the third game of the match, the Eagles won by 119 points to finish with final 3221 to 3142 advantage. In the last game, three Eagles exceeded the 200 mark with Phillip Rogers, Josh Graham and Tanner Gaither hitting the lanes for 237,222 and 210 respectively. So with the 17-10 win the Eagles moved on to Championship game against the team, Bradley, who won the district championship last week.

Eagles got off to slow start again with a 6-2 deficit and 89 pin disadvantage. In the second game they evened up score 8-8 and went up by 42 pins with 1139 to 1008 score. Once again three Eagles surpassed the 200 mark with Phillip Rogers hitting 246. Tanner Gaither and C.T. Nance scored 232 and 203.

This set up a final game and unlike in district tournament, Eagles got a different result. Another trio of 200 plus scorers dominated for the Eagles and this time, top bowler Rogers was not one of those. Josh Graham , C.T. Nance and Tanner Gaither brought home scores of 245, 224 and 202 respectively. But it is team game and Eagles won 5 of 6 match-ups in game three for 1143-1059 advantage for final 3271 to 3145 and 18-9 advantage. Eagles performance gave them to toal pin and match pin advantage for the 18 point total.

After a sub 1000 first game the Eagles hit almost identical 1139/1143 scores in games 2 and 3 and won 9 of 12 individual match-ups while attaining six 200 plus scores for the win and the Region Championship.

The win rewarded the Eagles with a home match on Monday against Lawrence County. Four Eagles earned spot on All-Tournament team for the Region.  C.T. Nance, Tanner Gaither, Josh Graham and Phillip Rogers who had high average score for three games of 231. Our Eagles actually took 4 of top 5 spots.

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