Rhea County Anglers Dean and Goins fishing National Tournament

Brandsford Dean and Austin Goins are out on the water today fishing for National Championship. Photo from registration day: Left to right: John Garrett the Bassmaster College Classic Bracket Series Champion, Austin Goins, Brandsford Dean and Rodney Dean(boat captain).Photo:BrianDerlak)

Brandsford Dean and Austin Goins already have five fish on day 1

June 22, 2017

Paris, TN — Rhea County Anglers Brandsford Dean and Austin Goins are fishing the High School National Tournament on Kentucky Lake today.  The pair have already pulled in five fish weighing 15 pounds by 9:40 this morning.  Dean and Goins will now look to throw back some of those 3 pound bass and exchange for some 5 pounders as they fish rest of the day.  The weigh in is today at around 3 pm eastern, with live streaming available on bassmaster.com.

Rodney Dean is boat captain for the duo today as they take the hope of Rhea County and Rhea County Anglers into the tournament.  Dean and Goins are upcoming Seniors at Rhea County High School.  Over the next three days, they will have opportunity to fish in the largest man-made lake east of the Mississippi.  The Lake covers over 160,000 acres and has just over 2,000 miles of shoreline.  There are 230 boats on the water today for the start of the three day tournament that may be affected by weather.  There is change of high winds and rain tomorrow that would affecting fishing conditions and could cause change in schedule.

Dean and Goins finished in 18th place in the overall points race with 439 points to qualify for the Costa Bassmaster High School National Championship presented



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