Rhea County Anglers Clean up for Man-Up

FLW Angler Greg Bohannan and Rhea County Anglers meet to clean up Frazier boat ramp area.(photo,GaryBolden)

June 10, 2015

Dayton, TN — The Rhea County Anglers teamed up with Old Spice and for a cleanup event and a short fishing seminar by Greg Bohannan out at Frazier Boat Dock in Dayton.  Around 30 team members and parents were on hand to clean up the shore area.  Greg was very excited to be there and share with the young anglers.  He was impressed by the turnout by the Rhea County Anglers team.

Assistant Coach Scott Arnold was in charge and we talked afterwards about the experience for the young Anglers getting a chance to get some up close and personal advice for a FLW(Fishing League Worldwide) professional, Greg Bohannan, who was in town to fish in the upcoming FLW Chickamauga Lake tournament in Dayton.

Greg spoke not only about fishing, but about how to work together with other Anglers out on the Lake and be a professional.  You can find more abut Greg on his website Greg Bohannan.com.  Greg is a 9 year FLW veteran, who has won almost $600,000 on tour while winning 3 tour events.  He is active in community events back in Arkansas, where he lives.

On his website Greg says, “When I was 10 years old I could only dream about being a professional fisherman. I would spend all my time outdoors playing sports, hunting and fishing. Then, in high school, I competed in my first bass tournament and I was hooked. From that moment, my goal was to become a professional angler some day. Now, almost three decades later, after much hard work and dedication I’m competing in the 2015 Walmart FLW Tour. And I’m more excited than ever.”

All the anglers received a Old Spice “man-up” T-shirt and the team received a nice donation from Old Spice.

Scott Arnold said, “Greg Bohannan spoke about relationships.  It was a nice gesture for Bohannan to take time to speak to our young anglers about more than just fishing.  He spoke about character.”

“Greg Bohannan is a high quality individual that shared some great things with our team.”

After his seminar, Greg took questions about fishing and what it was like to be a professional angler,

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