RCHS Student Zoe Partin Hits Fashion Runway

Zoe Partin, a Rhea County a Rhea County Junior is hoping to combine fashion and marine biology in the future.(Photo:ZoePartin)

Partin Hopes to Go From Runway to Marine Biology

May 2019

Knoxville, TN — Rhea County High School junior Zoe Partin is in Knoxville this week. She will be participating in fashion week, which is hosted by Gage Model and Tallent Agency. Gage began doing Knoxville fashion week to help local designers show off their designs. It’s a week long event that starts on Monday and the last day is Saturday. Over the week they will have days dedicated to certain time eras such as the 80’s and 90’s. And they will also have a day dedicated for all the makeup artist in the Knoxville area to show off their skills.

Zoe is a Rhea County Student who moved in from Sale Creek and has went through a lot of change and has gone from softball and dance to color guard for Rhea County Band and Fashion Runways.

I asked Zoe how she got started in modelling.

“I got into modeling by hearing about Chattanooga fashion week and auditioning for it, but before I could audition I would have to have a modeling portfolio so I started to do photoshoots. At the time I was busy doing other activities such as dance and softball so it was hard to continue after Chattanooga fashion week with modeling. When I started high school at Rhea county I had more time do start back modeling since I quit softball and dance. Although I started color guard I had alot more free time do do modeling.”

She has interest in Marine Biology.  I asked where she might attend College.

Right now the college’s I’m looking at is Eckerd college, Florida southern University, and University of Georgia. And I have always wanted to do Marine biology since I was little. I just love animals and Marine life and hope to help clean the oceans and restore some of the environment.

Zoe made the move to Spring City a couple of years ago and has made the transistion from small Sale Creek and student body of around 300 to Rhea County High School and a student body of around 1500.

 I asked how the transistion went.

The move from Soddy Daisy to Rhea county was hard. I only knew two people and they were both up classmen which ment would have no classes with them. Going to a school that was so big was scary. Coming from Soddy Middle and Sale Creek where they had a smaller population of students and going to a school as big as Rhea county made me nervous.

Zoe also has some experience with pageants as she participated in the Spring City Scholarhip Pageant.  She says, “It is important to not be scared of what you look like no matter what the size.  The fashion industry is always changing and you have to be confident in who you are.”

Zoe has really enjoyed her time with the color guard.

“Guard has helped alot with confidence. My coach helped me to build up my confidence.”

Zoe talks about her fashion walks and photoshoots and her future in modeling after College.  “This will be my second show(Knoxville) but I’m walking on 3 different days throughout the week.  I was offered to do more but I declined so I didn’t have to miss to much work or school. There’s not really any runway school that I’m aware of but Gage offers modeling classes that you could take to help with runway.”

“To get signed with Gage it is really expensive because they require all there runway, studio, and modeling classes which can get very pricy.  I’ve taken 3 of there classes just to better myself because I wasn’t really looking to get signed with an agency yet. I do plan on doing modeling in college because it is a major stress reliever for me and I know college can get pretty stressful.  Im also starting to look into different modeling agencies and see which one is more for me and more affordable.”

“When I graduate and start Marine biology I’m definitely going to keep modeling. I’m going to use it to bring awareness to all the pollution in the ocean and damage it is doing.  I’m going to try and make a difference by using modeling to try and save many Marine animals and especially the coral reefs. Doing runway and modeling in general doesn’t bring good money like many people believe. Most people either pay to be in a runway show or do it for free and not get paid at all. To do Knoxville fashion week it was about $30 to $40 for an audition fee.   Other then that you don’t have to pay for anything.  I know most people do modeling for money or fame but for me it’s not that.  I’m trying to bring awareness to nature and the different ways people look.  I want to show the younger generation that you don’t have to be a perfect Victoria secret model to model.  All the photographers and people I work with love individuality and that all the people they work with are different in so many ways. Wether it be the way they look, act, or even where they came from they don’t care.  They just enjoy photography just like models should enjoy modeling.”

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