Proposal to change RETC Executive Board tabled


RETC Executive Board Members resolve to table proposal for now.

Monday, January 27, 2014

A proposal championed by County Commissioner Bill Hollin awaited executive board members of the Rhea County Economic and Tourism Council Executive Board as they convened for their monthly meeting Monday.  The proposal would add several members from the county government including new Finance Director William Watson to the RETC Executive Board which would marginalize current RETC leadership.  The proposal stems from lack of communication between past RETC leadership and the Rhea County Commission.


It is my intent that the City of Dayton and Rhea County get together and move forward in a positive way.

Gary Louallen – Chairman RETC Executive Board


New RETC Chairman Gary Louallen quickly addresses the issue by stating, “It is my intent that the City of Dayton and Rhea County get together and move forward in a positive way.  The new RETC Director (Dennis Tumlin), has committed to bringing a monthly financial report back to the county commission.  We need to pull it together under this new leadership to move forward with our new director.”

RETC Executive Board member, Guy Denton states, “I’m against any changes.  It has worked perfectly for 25 years.”  Fellow RETC Executive Board member, Ron Harris agrees stating, “I would ask they reconsider their proposal.”

Chairman Louallen makes a recommendation to add 3 county commissioners to the RETC Executive Board after the upcoming election.  Louallen says, “With an election coming in August, I recommend adding the new members after the election.  I’m not for decreasing the board, but I’m not opposed to increasing the board.”

RETC Executive Board members resolved to table the amendment until September.

New RETC Director Dennis Tumlin states, “I’m happy to be here.  I’m looking forward to evaluating the process and recommending changes as I see fit.”

Pictured above from left front row – Randy Wells, Bill Pryor, Ronnie Raper, Dennis Tumlin, Mayor Billy Ray Patton, Carol Ann Barron.  (Back Row) from left – Mayor Ted Doss, County Executive George Thacker, Mayor Gary Louallen, Guy Denton, and Ron Harris.

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