Old Glory flying high at Dayton City School

DCS Flag
Dayton City School's new flag reaches 80 feet and spans 30 feet by 20 feet. (photo: Rhea Review)

Dayton skyline gets Patriotic Upgrade

January 6, 2015

Dayton, TN — This morning Dayton City Officials raised an enormous American flag at Dayton City School.  Standing 80 feet tall, the flag can easily be seen from a distance.  The massive banner spans over 600 square feet (30′ x 20′).


It’s really an eye catcher. It definitely shows our support for the flag.

Gary Louallen – Dayton Mayor


“It’s really an eye catcher,” says Mayor Gary Louallen.  “It definitely shows our support for the flag.”

Louallen was honored to be the first to raise the flag, but given the banner’s size – it took the help of several others.   One of which was Dayton City Councilman Richard Fisher.  Fisher was instrumental in getting the flag at DCS says Louallen.

“Richard Fisher gets the credit.  This is something he has pursued since he was Superintendent,” Louallen says.

Dayton City School’s current Superintendent, Mike Latham, says seeing the flag raised was an emotional experience.

“I was overcome with American pride,” said Latham.  “We all joined together with the pledge of allegiance.”

“This is a great place,” says Latham.  “Great families, great kids, and great teachers.”

The flag also signals the near completion of an 11 classroom addition to the school.  Latham says furniture for the new section should arrive next week.  The addition will be the new home for 4th and 5th graders.

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