Dayton 11-year-old Nolan Purser Speaks to State Senate

State Rep. Ron Travis, Nolan Purser, and State Senator Ken Yager on the Senate floor. (photo contributed)

Nashville, TN — Nolan Purser, a 6th-grader at Rhea Middle, has never met a crowd he doesn’t like.  He’s been blessed with a gift for public speaking, and in Nashville yesterday, he stood on his biggest stage yet – the floor of the Tennessee Senate.

Nolan’s address had a light-hearted delivery that spoke to the very nature of the state.  He was deservedly rewarded by a full standing ovation.  His dad, Lebron Purser, said it was a surreal experience – something like watching his son hit a home run in the little league world series.

“Just to watch him stand at the well, knowing how much of our history has taken place in that very room was an overwhelming experience,” admitted Lebron.

“It was an incredibly humbling experience, “stated his mother Rachel. “We were more nervous than him.  He thrives in front of crowds like that.”

Nolan says he likes to use humor to break the ice.

“I always love making people laugh, and it makes me laugh,” Nolan said.  “It’s a really important, and it feels good to see people smile.”

With regards to speaking in front of such a notable audience, Nolan says, “I’m very thankful for the opportunity.  It was a great and humbling experience.”

Nolan is now a three-time East Tennessee Regional 4-H Public Speaking Champion.  He loves sports and plays for Rhea Middle’s Basketball and Golf teams.

His parents only hope is that he continues to use his gifts for God’s glory.

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