“Night on the Nile” RCHS Prom – A Safe Success

2016 RCHS Prom King Matt Graham and Queen Lexi Housley (JohnCannon/RheaReview)

This past Friday night Rhea County High School hosted its annual prom in downtown Chattanooga at the Chattanooga Convention Center like it has the past several years. The Convention Center provides a perfect location where students have access to nice places to take pictures, to eat before and after the prom as well as many after prom activities at many of Chattanooga’s local businesses, such as putt-putt, bowling, laser tag, and movies.

Along with the perfect location, the Convention Center also provides RCHS with excellent different catered food, tables and chairs, parking, and security.

This year prom theme was a “Night on the Nile” where RCHS prom committee spent the entire day decorating the reserved room with a gold and black palm trees, iridescent balloons filled with lights of varying colors, giant Ancient Pharaoh, lights, and numerous other table decorations.

The committee also lined the hallway with lighted gold and white back drops creating a tunnel towards the banquet room where the DJ had the dance floor, a stage, and lights ready for everyone to celebrate the “Night on the Nile.” Many of the young ladies take the theme serious and try to match the newest prom dress trends with the theme, resulting in looking like Egyptian princesses.

At 9:30pm prom was almost up and the 2016 prom court and king and queen were announced.

Matt Graham and Lexi Housley were recognized in front of the junior and senior class in the middle of the dance floor as the 2016 Prom King and Queen by Assistant Principals, Heather Jewell and Sheila Massengill.


  • Hannah Byrd
  • Lexi Housley
  • Hannah Matthews
  • Kennedy Reed
  • Austin Clark
  • Matt Graham
  • Jonah Scott
  • Dylan Smith
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