New DCS After School Dismissal Program Is Safety Driven

Dayton City School improved their pick up program for after school dismissal and roll out the new program beginning in Fall of 2018.(Photo:DaytonCitySchool)

Dayton City School looks to improve Student Pick Up process

July 2018

Dayton, TN —  Dayton City School will implement an improved student dismissal program this fall driven by safety.  The improved system is modeled after one from Hamilton County School system.  System will focus on coordinated control of student and vehicle flow.  There will be supervision for students as they are loaded into vehicles. There is a video to help with understanding the new system.

After school, all students will be located inside building.  All students will be dismissed from school.  No students will be waiting for pick up outside building.  Vehicles will have car tags to be displayed in rear view mirror.  Students will also have tags.  Pick Up students will have tag and students who walk and are not picked up will have “walker” tag.  Car tag callers will be walking around the waiting zone area calling out car tag numbers, so tags must be displayed on mirror so they can be easily seen.  If vehicle owner has forgotten tag, they will have to go through line and to parking in front of DCS to pick up temporary id tag.

The new process was developed with the safety of the students in mind.  The process will get faster as teachers, students and parents become more accustomed to the process.  Expect some delays with initial implementation.

Student walker process:

Walkers will leave DCS from the front office and utilize the crosswalk in front of DCS office area.  Walker traffic will be along Colorado Avenue sidewalk (next to creek) and on to Market Street, where police officer will control walker flow.  Students will not be using the ball field to traverse to ball field parking lot.  DCS highly recommends children are not left in parking lot for parents to pick up.

Any student walking home or to ball fields will be required to return a form letter, signed by a parent informing DCS where the student will be waling.  Form letter will be handed out and filled in by parents on the first come and go day of school in August.  No student will be allowed through the ball fields via the bridge.  Every walker will have a walker card for affixing to backpack.

Picked up student process:

  • Students will be escorted from school to vehicles by a teacher.
  • Each vehicle will be issued a number tag to be placed on rear view mirror
  • There will be five lanes for vehicles picking up students with 6-8 cars at time
  • There will be waiting area for vehicles to pre-stage for for loading zone
  • Two crossing guards will assist students moving out to vehicles
  • Vehicles will move into loading area together for better safety
  • Students(escorted by teachers) will load into outer lane one first
  • Students will then be escorted to lanes 2-3-4-5.
  • Large cones will block each lane and vehicles move only when cone removed.
  • After loaded vehicles leave, next lanes(2-3) will be loaded
  • After loaded vehicles in lanes 2-3 leave, lanes 4-5 will load.
  • A clearly marked line for non loading cars to stop behind before loading
  • Traffic guards will monitor this pre-loading vehicles
  • The large parking lot at end of crosswalk and first lane of next parking lot will be for teacher parking only.
  • Parent and Visitor parking will be at Colorado Avenue parking lot during pickup and during normal school hours.
  • Only DCS property is supervised during dismissal.


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