McDonald’s holds Ribbon Cutting for Reopening

McDonald's Owner Brad Moore cuts the ribbon for the official reopening of McDonald's recently.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Ribbon Cutting commemorates new Lobby and Playland

May 2018

Dayton, TN — McDonald’s held their official ribbon cutting on Monday to celebrate the recent reopening after lobby and playland were totally replaced.  Present for the ribbon cutting were Sharla Clark, David Holcomb, Amber Kerley, Bob Vincent, Issac Baker, Ronnie Raper, John Blevins, Brad Moore, Linda Blevins, Bill Hollin, Mary Beth Moore, Mandy Jordan, Megan Harwood and Lori Clift.

The remodel took around a month and most customers surveyed have been pleased with the changes.  Parents and children especially like the new play area with much more access, activities and visibility.

McDonald’s Owner Brad Moore said, “The changes were focused on the customer experience.”

When asked if there was a thought to not keep the play area during the remodel, Brad Moore said, “We never considered not keeping the play area.  It is an important gathering place for the families.  It is a good place to get away for a short while.”

McDonald’s Manager Sharla Clark said, “The play area keeps the children happy.  When it rains, it is a good place to come and play.”

Owner Brad Moore spoke about the kiosks.  “The kiosk are there for customer convenience.  It may require fewer employees up front but due to more ordering points, there is a need for more employees in the back area to keep us with increased orders and increase order processing time.”

“Not everybody will use the kiosks, but some people will prefer.  Younger people like the new technology.  Technology keeps changing in business and you need to stay current with the latest technology.”

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