Maddie Smith Wins 2020 Distinguished Woman Honor

Maddie Smith, far right was chosen "Distinguished Young Woman of 2020" by the judges in the May 18th competition at Rudd Auditorium on campus of Bryan College. Alternatives left to right are Isabella Urani, Addie Cannon, and Madilyn Adams.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Smith and 13 Other Contestants Battled for the DYW Title

May 2019

Dayton, TN —  Maddie Smith battled against thirteen other young ladies from Rhea County to win the title of “Distinguished Young Woman of 2020” on Saturday at Rudd Hall on the campus of Bryan College.  Along with the honor came a $3500.00 scholarship.

Madeline Martinez, Maddie Taylor, Katie Harris, Brianna Wampler, Madilyn Adams, Saeri Goins, Ally Gentry, Madysen Iles, Keylee Morgan, Addie Cannon, Mikinna Quick, Isabella Urani, Ariel Matthew, and Maddie Smith competed on Saturday.

The 14 young women come together for this competition and were judged at various levels. The young ladies were judged on interview 25%, scholastics 20%, talent 25%, self-expression 15% and fitness 15%.  DYW is very important program for these young ladies. The experience and bonding that the young ladies go through during the competition is a very confidence building evolution.  For six weeks these young ladies come together and volunteer, play, bond and grow together during the six weeks leading up to the competition night.

The first honor was the “Spirit Award” given by the contestants themselves to the competitior who displays the best spirit.  That award went to Madilyn Adams.

The Rebecca Challenge Essay Award winner(scholarship of $300) went to Madysen Iles.

The fitness competition yielded three winners.  Madilyn Adams outbattled a couple of sports athletes to win.  Coming in second was Maddie Smith, basketball and tennis player and third was Maddie Taylor, track and basketball player.  Madilyn is on the color guard for the Rhea County Band and did a very good flag routine for her talent.

Winners in self expression went to Maddie Taylor, Katie Harris and Ariel Matthew.

The top three talent winners were Addie Cannon, Madilyn Adams and Maddie Smith.

Scholastic Awards went to Saeri Goins, Maddie Smith and Madeline Martinez.

Top three finishers in the interview award were Isabella Urani, Madily Adams and Maddie Taylor.

Last but most important awards were the three alternatives and the Distinguished Young Woman of 2020.  Alternative Number three was Isabella Urani,($500 Scholarship) Alternative number two was Addie Cannon($1000 scholarship).  Alternative number one was Madilyn Adams($2000 Scholarship) and the Distinguished Young Woman of 2020 winner was Maddie Smith.

Maddie collected a $3500 scholarship and the priviledge of representing Rhea County’s DYW program at the state competition in July.  But all 14 were winners for their effort and time spent in a program that brings contestants together and formes relationships that can last throughout the years.  Great program.  Nice size audience in attendance and they were treated to a great program by the contestants.

Talents included dancing and singing, playing instruments as well as the first ever remembered archery talent(Mikinna Quick).

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