Looking Back: Police shoot black bear in south Dayton.

Black Bear in Dayton Tennessee

Police Fire more than 30 rounds at bear in south Dayton

June 12, 1960

Looking back this week to June 12, 1960, we discover a little excitement, as well as some fear that struck some of south Dayton’s citizens when a bear was seen wondering the neighborhood.

A black bear was killed in South Dayton by city, county, and state officers. More than 30 shots were fired before ending the chase. No one was injured and the bear caused no damage except to frighten residents of the area.

The bear was first seen at the home of Igou Hodges (near present day site of Robinson’s Manufacturing). State Trooper W.E.Allison arrived and fired the first shot at the bear. He and Deputy Ola Harris then chased the bear through the yard and up a tree, where more shots were fired.

They were then joined by Tommy Morgan, who fired a shotgun blast at close range to end the struggle. City policeman reported that the bear weighed 103 pounds.

Pictured above from left to right are:  Sheriff Fred Mullins, Officer Dub Smith, Tommy Morgan, Rosco Montgomery, Deputy Ola Harris and State Trooper W.E.Allison. Others are unidentified.

Story courtesy of Yesterday In Dayton-Reminiscing Days Gone By.

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