Lakleway Lion Madi Hawk Debuts With Bang

Madi Hawk an outstanding prospect played this last season with LakeWay Academy and performed well as 7th grader playing high school ball with 406 points on the year.(Photo submitted)

Madi Hawk Adjusts to New School, Town, Coach, & Team

March 2019

Dayton, TN — The Lakeway Lions and Madi Hawk recently played in the NACA basketball tournament held in gyms all around Dayton recently.  I had a chance to talk with the very taented and very mature seventh grader who plays high school basketball for the Lakeway Lions, a small christian school located east of Knoxville in temporary location.

Madi previously played at Tellico and has made the move to Lakeway Christian Academy.  She finished a successful season with Lakeway.  During her seventh grade year, Madi finished with 406 points and canned 63 three points baskets while collecting 75 steals.  She added 74 assists and 64 rebounds to that total.  For a seventh grader playing against high school players, this was an outstanding achievement.

But the seasons just blend together for Madi.  She quickly transistioned into AAU basketball with the Tennessee Rein and most likely playing very well.

I asked Madi a few questions about her first year in high school basketball and Madi answered.

1. What was biggest adjustment to moving up from middle school to high school ball?

1. “The biggest adjustment was learning to play with older, bigger stronger girls who are mature and know the game. Being more physically tough. My coach expected me to rebound and box out which was new to me as I always played the safety to stop fast breaks in middle school.”

2. What have you learned from a year at high school level?

2. “I have learned that the little things matter most, rebounding boxing out hustling on every play etc.  Also being asked to guard the other teams best player every game made me have to work harder on that end of the court.  I really enjoyed getting to shut down every teams best player it was a challenge I accepted and enjoyed, not many 7th graders are trusted and asked to do that by their coach.  I love defense.”

3. What part of your game still needs the most work?

3. “I think I need to improve on getting to the rim more and finishing with contact.”

4. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your year?

4. “I would say 7/10.”

5. How did you adjust to playing with new teammates and new coaches this year?

5. “I had to learn all of my teammates and how they played and their strengths and weaknesses. I tried to just do my very best and do everything asked of me by my coaches. Really putting emphasis on practices and learning what they wanted and expected out of me.”

6. Where will you be playing this spring in aau ball?

6. “I will be playing with the TN Reign this AAU season.”


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