Lady escapes moments before train impacts car in Dayton

The front bumper is all that remains from the Dodge Stratus at the scene. (DeanWilson/RheaReview)

Unknown hero helps Lady escape devastating Train collision in Dayton

A Dayton woman is alive tonight after her car was struck by a Norfolk Southern train around 7 PM Friday in south Dayton. The driver of the vehicle, identified as 19-year-old Michelle Meadows, stated that she was traveling east on Iowa Avenue as she proceeded to cross the railroad tracks.

Photo: Facebook/ Rebecca Meadows
Photo: Facebook/ Rebecca Meadows

She reportedly misjudged the width of the road and her tire went off the roadway and became stuck on the track.

The driver says she was trying to free the stuck automobile and hadn’t noticed the approaching southbound train, when an unidentified woman came running over and told her the train was coming.

Michelle stated that she ran from the car and was clear of the tracks by the time the train slammed into her car propelling it down the tracks and onto it’s side in the ditch.

“There’s nothing like witnessing a train hit a car, and realizing it is daughter’s car,” declared Rebecca Meadows who was shook to the core as she watched the event unfold from Food City’s parking lot.

When you’re at Food City and see a train hit a car … see it flying through the air and realize it’s your daughters car! Thank God she got out safe.

She hopes to learn the identity of the woman and properly thank her for her quick thinking that prevented her daughter from being struck by the train.

Susan Terpay, a spokesperson for Norfolk Southern, is thankful there were no injuries and warns, “It’s important that if your car ever stalls or becomes stuck on railroad tracks to exit the vehicle immediately, move away from the train tracks and call 911 or the railroad.”

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