La-Z-Boy transitions to LED lighting for greater efficiency

New lighting at La-Z-Boy Tennessee in Dayton. (contributed)

La-Z-Boy has completed a LED lighting retrofit in an effort to reduce business operating costs while increasing plant sustainability and efficiency.

The LED lighting retrofit has covered almost 30% of the campus and is anticipated to save over 1,118,750 kilowatts annually: this is the equivalent to powering 125 homes for a year, driving 2,040,669 miles in the average vehicle, or burning 910,933 lbs. of coal.

“The redesign of the lighting system at La-Z-Boy has allowed us to stay competitive in the business market by reducing our overhead via decreasing utility costs,” states Environmental and Safety Manager Cody Buell.

“In our eyes lighting is one of the critical ways to make our business more efficient: if done right employees don’t even realize anything has been done, or notice that the lights have actually gotten brighter. Lighting efficiency gains are a win-win for both the bottom line and the environment, it is just the right thing to do all-around.”

All of this has been achieved by lighting layout design coupled with more efficient Light Emitting Diode Fixtures which are much more energy efficient.

The total number of fixtures in the area are being reduced from 1765 to 455, while maintaining or improving lighting levels in all affected areas.

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