Josh Rodda sets sights on Power Lifting Top 10

Local Rhea County power lifter Josh Rodda has set his goal on top 10 in America in his weight class. He is scheduled to compete in Braggin Rights competition on August 12th.(Photo:JoshRodda)

Josh will be looking to break 2000 pound bench/squat,dead-lift total

August 1, 2017

Dayton, TN —  Josh Rodda, local power-lifter, will be competing in a power lifting competition in less than two weeks on August 12th.  Weigh-in will be on Friday morning, August 11th.  The Bragging Rights Competition will be held in Padukah, Kentucky.  Josh is a special education teacher at Rhea Middle School.  Josh has a wife Debbie and son Jericho.  Josh played offensive and defensive line for the Rhea County Eagles and coached football for 15 years.

Josh will be attempting to break top 10 in the nation in the 275 pound class, hoping to hit the 2000 pound total.  Josh is currently ranked 25th in bench and 27th overall in national rankings for 275 pound classification.

Josh Rodda said, “I have already hit 720 lb squat in practice, 510 lb  x 2 bench press and 750 lb x 2  dead lift in training.  That usually translates into bigger numbers.  It will be a good thing and we are hoping to do the best we can.”

“I have done 2 prior to this one. The first I totaled 1665 and I took a year to work on form and technique and strength and totaled 1934.5 in my last one.”

“My coach is Dan Arena, out of Cleveland, Tennessee.  East Ridge Fitness Gym and Swole and Bearded, a designer t-shirt company out of Baltimore, Maryland are sponsoring me.  Swole and Bearded  flew me up to Baltimore a couple of weeks ago for photo-shoot and meet with other athletes.  It was cool trip, for someone to believe in you.”

Josh says over the last three years he has learned how to get stronger through proper technique and coaching.

“My coach does all my programming, meaning all my workouts and my diet.  I have  Learned to eat correctly to gain strength.”

“I have been working out very hard for 7 or 8 years and focusing on power lifting the last three years.  To hopefully be in top 10 in the nation in three years, we have opportunity to do some good things.”

“The walls of Jericho is my family story.  To accomplish any goals in fitness, you have to have a “why”.  Why do you do this. It has to be bigger than you.  When you are trying to lose weight or get stronger, I tell my clients, why do I do this.  It has to be bigger than you.  Can’t be about you.  It has to be something outside of you.   Any time you try to  something in fitness, you will have excuses roll up and doubt roll in.  You have to have driving force behind you.”

“You have to have a driving force behind you and mine is my family and our story of trying to have a child for 13 years and then the Lord blessed us through adoption with Jericho. Joshua 6:2 says, for the Lord said to Joshua have placed Jericho in your hands, which is our story, which is which I’ve turned into a brand.  I do some shirts and hats and things like that but it’s just it’s my why it’s why I’m doing this.  I want to teach him how to fight through things and accomplish goals that you set for yourself, and just really strive and do things that are not the norm.”

“Just to do things that are out of the norm.  If you ask me 5 years ago if I  would be squatting somewhere around 750 Benching 550 you know dead-lifting around 750, I would have said you’re crazy but once I set a goal and really start a praying about it, it happened.  I am very excited and humbled to have made that goal.”

“My cornerstone is in my faith in Jesus in and that’s where my strength comes from that’s what’s gotten us through the 13 years of trials and tribulations of not having child so all that come together much together turns into me my focus on this goal right now in our lives so it’s it’s a sacrifice to my wife is well she does all my meal planning.  I have to consume a certain amount of calories to keep up with strength that I have to need.”

“Goal number one is to qualify for competition in Columbus, Ohio in March. So that’s that’s goal number one, which I’ll have to do to the get there is hit 1935.  In my last competition I hit 1934 and a so we’re really close.”

“This competition is a RPS(Revolutionary Power Systems) event and it is also a qualifier for the Arnold.  My first goal is actually to qualify for the Arnold and second goal is to reach a 2000 lb total.  Arnold is the biggest sports festival in the world they have everything from bodybuilding to strong man to power-lifting.”

For more information about Josh Rodda, check facebook page.

Check out Josh and Grit House Videos below.

Josh Rodda dead lift 727.1


 529.1 bench press at the gritmas classic 12 3 16

677.9 squat at the gritmas classic 12-3-16

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