Jay Martin Brings Life to Walls of Spring City Elementary

Jay Martin has done wonders at Spring City Elementary School with his Wall Art.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Martin Creates Memories and Fun for Students

October 2018

Spring City, TN —  Jay Martin has brought life to the walls of Spring City Elementary School over the last two years and will continue to update the walls with murals, quotes and sometimes just some fresh paint.  Jay is head custodian (also maintenance and bus driver) at Spring City Elementary school and around two years ago, he asked if he could spruce the place up a little with some paint.  I doubt school officials could have envisioned the difference the sprucing up has made for the students and teachers alike.

Jay began his work in the cafeteria.  His first project was to turn dull support poles into pencils.  He followed that painting up with yellow stripes and then paw prints and bulldogs on the wall.  But this was only the start for Jay.  He continued his work throughout the building and continues to work on repainting the entire school and applying wall arts throughout Spring City Elementary School.

The characters and scenes represent many familiar memories for many.  Dr. Seuss, Star Wars, Winnie the Pooh and many other characters can be found around the school.  Mr. Martin gets a chance to see his handiwork daily.  The students and teacher that I talked to all reacted positively to the wall art.

Jay has also done art and painting at Spring City Middle School football field and softball field as well as Spring City rescue squad.  He also has done quite a lot of art at home.  Check out his facebook page to see even more of his handiwork.

Check out the full Jay Martin interview with shot views of the wall art on our facebook video if you have not seen yet.  Jay Martin video

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