Jared Fisher Signs For Tennessee Wesleyan Baseball

Jared Fisher recently signed to attend Tennessee Wesleyan and play baseball.(Photo:GaryBolden/rheareview)

Rhea County Eagle Fisher Head to TWC to Play Baseball

May 2019

Evensville, TN — Rhea County High Senior Jared Fisher signed to attend Tennessee Wesleyan University and play baseball.  Jared has played baseball at Rhea County for the past four years and head to Tennessee Wesleyan with size 6’3″ and a live left arm.  Jared played for coach Rusty Ray the past four year at Rhea County High School.  Jared hit .296 this past year and went 2-2 as a pitcher with 18 innings pitched.  Jared finished third on the team in runs batted in with 17.

Coach Rusty Ray said, “When he showed up as 5’9″ freshman, he was kind of green.  He sat patiently and waited his turn.  Now he is 6’3″ and a man.  I am very proud of him.  He has done a good job for me.  He is about to find out how easy I was on him.  I wish him nothing but the best.”

RCHS Athletic Director Jeremy Fitzgerald said, “He(Jared Fisher) lives life and has fun.  We are proud of him going to the next level.  That will be a challenge.  There will be class, working out and practice.  He has made strides the last couple of years.”

Jared said, “I have had a lot of coaches and he(coach Rusty Ray) is one of the best I have ever had.  It’s been a ride.  Good coaches are animated and talk with hands and mouth.”

“I have improved since my freshman year.  I have developed more as a player and I have a better attitude.”

“I looked at other programs, but they just didn’t fit.  Tennessee Wesleyan has a strong physical therapy program.  I want a career in physical therapy.  It is close to home and they have a good baseball program.”

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