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Jamie Ridley, Kayla Bowman and Linda Abel were on hand at Rhea County Family Church on Tuesday to register children during the Food Bank distribution.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Imagination Library Program registration hits 1300

March 2018

Dayton, Tn —  The Imagination Library registration hit 1300 with the registrations at the Family Church on Tuesday night during the food bank program.  Linda Abel, Jamie Ridley and Kayla Bowman were on hand to register kids from birth to five years old for the program which gives away free books every month from birth until fifth birthday.  There are several events coming in the near future when parents can find out information about the program and how to get their children registered.  Enrollment is a year round job as each month, children roll out of the program as they hit fifth birthday and new children are born.

The cost for Rhea County to provide books for children in the county is around $1300 per month or roughly $1.00 per child per month.  There are several local organizations that have been routine contributors to the program.  Those include La-Z-Boy, Middle Tennessee Gas, Volunteer Electric Program and City of Dayton to name a few.  Recently Delta Dental donated a very nice contribution for the program.  But individual donors are always welcome.  Cost to fund book for one child through the five years is $60.00.

Upcoming Events:

April 14 – Rhea Middle cafeteria— baby shower sponsored by Prevent Child Abuse Tennessee– 10:00-1:00 – register kids for books.
April 27 – Pre-K and KG registration at DCS – Imagination Librarywill register kids
In May the Imagination Library will speak at the rotary Club meeting about the Rhea County Imagination Library.

The enrollment rate in Rhea County has gone from 53% to 66% in one year; Program is now ranked 55th of 95 Tennessee counties, up from 89th last year.

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