Hero in Dayton saves family and neighbors

Jeremy Little
Jeremy Little protects family and neighbors from unwelcome guest.

Jeremy Little is a hero in Dayton who saved his family and neighbors until police arrived

A Dayton father wins the fight after an armed burglar goes after his kids. He held the suspect in a choke-hold until police got there.

The Littles were playing host to neighborhood families when the unthinkable happened. “My little girl came running in the door saying there was a strange man here and before we knew it. He was in the house,” says mother of two, Barbara Little.

Police say that man was Timothy Lee Doss who began saying vulgar things to everyone in the home and threatening to kill them. “One of the kids opened the door asking why he has a knife behind his back and before you knew it he had the knife in my kids face.”

But everyone there says Doss, who appeared to be unstable, didn’t stop there. Michael Leffew is friend to the Little family. He was sitting inside of their home during the attack. “This guy just come in out of no where and next thing we knew. He had a knife and it ended up at my throat,” says Leffew.

With Leffew’s life on the line, hero, Jeremy Little, a father of two, couldn’t take much more. “I don’t know. I just snapped and did what I had to do.” Determined to stop them, he grabbed the man. “I had one arm with a knife and one arm at his throat and I just slammed him down.”

“My husband was able to take him down and pretty much beat the crap out of him to get the knife away from him,” adds Barbara Little.

While holding Doss down, Jeremy screamed for everyone to get out of the house and run to get help.
Just as they made it to the street, “the police were coming over the hill. So that was very fortunate,” says Leffew.

Officers had been in the area. After responding to a home just a few houses down. Apparently, Doss made several attempts before targeting this Dayton family. Lieutenant Jeff Hill with the Dayton Police department says Jeremy Little did the right thing. “This guy entered the home. So, protect your family. He’s got to protect his family.”

Story by Mikaya Thurmond of News Channel 9.

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