Graysville’s Leaders United in Moving Forward

(L-R) Commissioner David Sulcer, City Manager Tracey Pankey, Mayor Ted Doss, Vice Mayor Ron Scott, and Commissioner Robert Baldwin. (RheaReview/ElmerHarris)

Several months past the November election which produced a clean slate of commissioners, finds Graysville’s new governing body united in their goal to solve the town’s problems.

“The meetings have been going really smoothed,” remarked David Sulcer one of the five newly elected commissioners.  “There’s a lot to do.  We’re just taking it step by step.”

A number of issues came up at their most recent meeting including pesky buzzards now roosting at Kristopher’s Kingdom Park, upcoming auction for confiscated vehicles, new trucks for the water department, consideration of an ATM machine to help customers pay bills and fees for tickets, and the upcoming April Clean-Up Month.

While they didn’t agree on every solution, ideas were welcomed and input was encouraged as issues were resolved.

“How do you eat an elephant – one bite at a time,” stated Mayor Ted Doss the town’s only official to win re-election in November.

Doss said new commissioners are coming to do workshops which can last up to four hours to discuss solutions and ideas.  A majority of new commissioners have also attended classes in Knoxville that takes from 10-16 hours to complete in order to learn best practices in local governance.

“It’s very good to have board members that are willing to spend their time going to these classes,” insisted Doss.

Graysville’s next meeting will be held on April 10, 2017, at the Graysville Municipal Building.

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