Graysville Mayor Ted Doss passes torch to Ron Scott

L-R, Graysville's new mayor Ron Scott with former mayor Ted Doss (RheaReview/ElmerHarris)

It was a bittersweet celebration Friday as friends and co-workers gathered in the Graysville Community Room to celebrate Ted Doss’ years of leadership and vision during his tenure as mayor.

Ron Scott, who was vice mayor, has now stepped in to serve as mayor.  Doss admits his decision wasn’t easy but a necessary one to help his wife, Bonnie, provide better care for aging relatives.

“I’m honored by the fact that I was called to replace Ted”, attests Scott. “But at the same time I know I have some big shoes to fill.”

Scott says he’s proud to call Ted a friend, and he assured the group he would continue to hold Doss’ counsel in the highest regards.

Doss is confident he’s leaving the town in good hands with Scott and current commissioners.

“It requires thought in every decision they make.  Not knee jerk reactions. Always look around and ensure it’s gonna benefit the city and citizens,” advises Doss.

In his parting speach, Doss assured, “Graysville has always been my hometown, and it always will be.”


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