Former Police Chief Redden pleads guilty to 2 felonies

Attorney Howard Upchurch looks over client Jason Erik Redden as he signs plea agreement. (photo:ElmerHarris/RheaReview)

Former Graysville Police Chief Erik Redden pleads guilty to two felonies

Facing a total of ten felony charges of theft and official misconduct during his tenure as Graysville Chief of Police, Erik Redden plead guilty to two counts of official misconduct.  Judge Thomas Graham signed the plea and scheduled the sentencing hearing for May 5.

All charges on the initial indictment were similar in nature.  Property including cash and vehicles were seized during arrests and Redden kept the bounty.

The following is a copy of all ten pages of the initial indictment.  It’s important to note Redden plead guilty to count #2 and count #7 (these are found on their respective pages).  The rest were dismissed as part of the plea agreement.

2014-CR-96 by

The most egregious charge was seizing $3,977.00 from Tammy Wilson Smith during an arrest (count #2).  The second charge Redden plead guilty to was the seizure of a 2009 Jeep Patriot which was held for $2,325.00 (count #7) in which he demanded cash from the recovery agent, Rainbow Recovery and Towing.

The two official misconduct charges are class E felonies which command one to six year sentences depending on the defendants previous record.  Redden is looking at one to two years as the two sentences will be run concurrently.

District Attorney Mike Taylor says “from this point it’s up to the judge.”

“I hope after the sentencing this gives some closure to the City of Graysville and the Smith Family,” said Taylor.

Graysville’s Mayor Ted Doss is hoping his city can do just that.

“Commissioner (Charles) Kaylor and I supported the facts from day one, and I’m happy that on May 5 our citizens will finally have closure on this issue,” exclaimed Doss.

“It’s important for the city to close this chapter.  We’re working to go forward in our city.”

“Not only with the police department, but other departments as well.”

The city hired Julie Tanksley as their new chief of police last fall.

“I think the new chief will be able to move forward without a cloud over the department,” said Mike Taylor.

You can find the official plea agreement signed today here.

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