Firefighters Day on the Hill focuses on Volunteers

Rep. Ron Travis, Dayton City FD Chief Chief Adam McRorie, Gov. Bill Haslam, Heather Roberts, and Laura Travis (submitted)

City of Dayton Fire Chief Adam McRorie was looking to make the most of Fireman’s Day on the Hill by urging legislators to support a bill that provides volunteer firefighters with a free license plate per year, per household.

“It’s just a way we can say thank you to the volunteer firefighters,” says McRorie.

McRorie heads the county’s only fire department with full-time firefighters, but says over two-thirds of his department is made up of volunteers.

“You’re talking about firefighters who work full-time jobs elsewhere, and when they’re sitting at dinner and their pagers go off, they get up and go,” exclaims McRorie.

In addition to having a photo op with the governor, McRorie and Rhea County Emergency Management Coordinator Heather Roberts made their rounds visiting State Representative Ron Travis and State Senator Ken Yager.

“We feel like it’s important when legislators see fire department personnel in uniforms,” says McRorie.

Travis, who’s always happy to see constituents at the capitol, said, “What a pleasure to have Adam and Heather spend the day with me in Nashville. We went to a committee meeting and had lunch together. We very much appreciate their time and service to our community.”

House Bill 0268 which provides one free license plate for each volunteer firefighter’s household has been placed on the House Finance, Ways & Means Committee calendar for April 3.  The coordinating bill in the Senate has passed all committees and is on it’s way to the Senate floor for passage.

“The license plate is just a token.  Something that at least extends a Thank You,” says McRorie.

McRorie says he feels the firefighters of Tennessee are well represented and appreciated by our legislators.

The Fireman’s Day on the Hill held by the TN Fire Chief’s Association, the TN Fireman’s Association, and the TN Fire Inspector Association.

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