“Every 15 Minutes” warns of dangers before prom

RCSD Deputy Jesse Wilkey on the scene during staged accident in front of Rhea County High School students to raise awareness for driving under the influence. (ElmerHarris/RheaReview)

Wednesday – April 9, 2014

Evensville, TN — In an effort to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking and/or texting while driving, the “Every 15 Minutes” program shows students real-life consequences to bad choices.  The program was hosted by the Rhea County Against Drugs Coalition (RCAD) in conjunction with the Tennessee Hwy Patrol, Rhea County Sheriff’s Dept, Rhea County Health Council, The Edge, and United Way of Rhea County.


It was very impactful and will make them think about the future and make them think about prom night coming up this Friday.

Anita Defore – Rhea County Anti-Drug Coalition


Every 15 minutes, someone dies as the result of an alcohol related collision.  That sad statistic was impressed upon Juniors and Seniors at Rhea County High School on Wednesday.  Every 15 minutes a student was removed from a class room by the grim reaper.  Students left their personal belongings behind as a law enforcement officer explained the tragedy to their classmates.    The simulation represented the sudden loss of that classmate due to drinking while driving.



A mock traffic accident in the school parking lot involved a staged death and terrible injury due to driving under the influence.  Assistance from the Rhea County Sheriff’s Dept, D.A.R.E. Program, Rhea County Ambulance Service, and Bo’s Wrecker Service made for a dramatic experience for students.

Chief John Argo of the Rhea County Sheriff’s Department said, “This program is designed for awareness of the effects of drinking and driving, drugs and driving, and/or texting while driving.”

“Anything we can do to save a life or make a difference that’s what we are here for.   All this is worth it, if we can just save one life.”

Instrumental in organizing the event, Anita Defore of the RCAD (Rhea County Anti-Drug Coalition) says, “I think it went outstanding today.  The students were very attentative.  I saw some tears from a few adults and students, myself included.  It was very impactful and will make them think about the future and make them think about prom night coming up this Friday.  We want them to know that our community supports them and is behind them 100%.”

Speakers of the event include Teresa Stockwell, mother of Brook Stockwell and Sgt. Alan Bailey of TN State Troopers.  There were many volunteers including:

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Corporal Aaron Loden
Corporal Greg Roberson
Deputy Ronnie Janow
Deputy Jesse Wilkey
Deputy James Pearce, RCAD Member and DARE Officer
Chief John Argo
EMA Director and Fire Chief Jacky Reavley
Lt. Rhea EMS Jimbo Miles
Communications Chief Will Sergent
Paramedic Brenda Janow


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RCAD Members:
Brenda Thomas
Samantha Crisp
Cindy Keahey
Christine Ralph
Andrea Sansone
Angie Drake
Heather Dye
Heather Jewell
Jesse Messimer
Jan Frechette



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