American Idol Audition Fundraiser for Drake Taylor

Drake Taylor, who is has already passed one audition and will soon do another is doing a performance with other fellow musicians at the Tennessee Valley Theatre in Spring City on Sunday, October 7, 2018.(Photo:GaryBolden/rheaReview)

Fundraiser for Taylor American Idol will perform on Sunday, October 7

October 2018

Spring City, TN —  Drake Taylor and several other area musicians will be performing at the Tennessee Valley Theatre in Spring City on Sunday, October 7th at 4 pm.  Cost of the fundraising concert will be $5.00 for the “Rhea County’s Got Talent” event.

Drake Taylor, a former Spring City Middle School and present Rhea County High School student is a young musician who has been competing in the American Idol auditioning process.

Drake has been singing since around the age of 9 and has sang the National Anthem at venues around the area for years.  His most famous National Anthem was at the TSSAA High School Basketball Championships hosted at Middle Tennessee State University.

Drake was selected for private audition for American Idol and was successful to move on to the next audition this fall.  His next audition will take place before the celebrity judges of American Idol, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan.

Drake is a fine young man who has improved as a singer over the past few years and that improvement has given Drake a chance to perform at the highest level.

Drake has played basketball most of his life and has been on the Rhea County Basketball Team the past three years.  Drake has also been singing with two other young Rhea County musicians, Abigail Corvin and Blake Smart in a band named B.A.D..

Proceeds from the concert will help fund travel expenses for Drake and family for audition.

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