Drake Taylor Gets Golden Ticket for American Idol

Drake Taylor and Abigail Corvin are singing together in the band B.A.D. but hope to soon compete against each other on American Idol. Both are in the process of attempting to make it on American Idol.(Photo:GaryBolden)

Abigail Corvin will audition on August 28th

August 2018

Spring City, TN —  Drake Taylor a 2018 graduate of Rhea County High School will be singing on American Idol Judges in the Fall.  Drake submitted a video and then received an invite to attend a tryout in Nashville.  After his tryout, he received the word that he had passed the audition (golden ticket) and would be singing before the judges on American Idol in the Fall.

His fellow singing group member Abigail Corvin is slated for tryout in Chattanooga on August 28th with a chance to earn a trip to the next level.  Drake, Abigail, and Blake Smart formed a group recently called B.A.D.(Blake, Abigail, Drake), and have been performing at a few events over the last few weeks.

Drake has honed his skills around the area singing the National Anthem at many different venues.  His most memorable one was at Middle Tennessee State University.  There were a lot of people in attendance and it was on the news.  Drake is also working on his first album, which should be out soon.”

“I stood there and saw myself on the screen and froze for a second.”

“When singing the National Anthem, I just try to make it my own.”

Abigail is set for an audition in Chattanooga on August 28th.  She hopes to join Drake with a successful audition.

When talking about American Idol audition, Drake said, “We had to go online and fill out information and then get accepted.”

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