Drake McCain Taylor Hollywood Idol Episide Coming Soon

Drake McCain Taylor pauses to answer interview questions as the streaming party at Rhea County High School recently.(Photo:GaryBolden/rheaReview)

Drake will be on American Idol again this week

March 2019

Dayton, TN — Drake Taylor, local competitor on American Idol made the cut to Hollywood and now after watching several audition episodes, it is time to see Drake perform again on American Idol.  Pretty good information has indicated that Drake may be on the Monday Night episode of American Idol.  Idol airs at 8:00 pm on Sunday and Monday nights on ABC.

Since his audition episode Drake has been busy with life as a high school student at Rhea County High School and after hours has been seen all around town.  Drake has quickly become one of the most recognizable people in Rhea County.  With his unique red flat-top, he is hard to miss.

Drake has appeared recently at the Spring City Scholarship Pageant and was a crowd pleaser as he performed another great rendition of “Star Splangled Banner” as well as a cute number with the younger pageant competitors as he sang with last year’s Miss Spring City Keyli Hickey.  He later performed song “Reckless Love” with Keyli and a special song about lost love that he has did not want released just yet.  He also took time to sign autographs for the throng of Drake fans at the event.

Drake has also seen singing around town and on Thursday night, could be seen dancing and singing in the parking lot of Rhea Middle School.  If you know Drake, you know this is not unusual.  Drake loves to sing and loves people.  Now for some people, this new fame might be a little too much, but Drake takes it in style.  He is still Drake.

Rhea Countians have fallen in love with Drake and many will be glued to their screens to see Drake compete.  Now I myself have Drake to blame for bringing American Idol back into my life.   During the auditions there were so many great stories about some of the auditioning people.  Some were sad. some were happy and most were very unique and ended on a positive note.

During his interview at his viewing party at Rhea County High School, Drake answered a few questions.

When asked about harmonizing with Katie Perry, Drake said, “She is really just an angel. To be able to sing with her was a dream come true.  I was going to go into there and do my best and hopefully get a ticket.  I can’t really remember it.  When you get up there you kind of black out.  To go up there and audition was really crazy and I didn’t think I would do that well.”

“I was kind of done with music and I started singing with Abigail Corvin again and got back into music again.  This was third thing I auditioned for, I auditioned for America’s Got Talent and the Voice before.  Not only do I love to sing, but I love the stories behind American Idol.  American Idol is someone who represents who they are.”

“After not moving on with the first two shows I was kind of down a little and then lost my mamaw and my dad was out of my life for a while.  Then I had chance to go to Nashville and auditioned with judge there and then on to Kentucky for the audition that was on tv tonight.”

“To be able to jump back into it and be myself was great.  I listen to the music of all three of the judges.”

Drake does a very good cover of Lionel Richie’s song “Easy” and on the spot performed a short portion on the spot for the media in attendance.”

Drake has done lots of interviews with tv, radio and newspaper since his fame in the last few months and life has changed for Drake.

When I joked with Drake about fame going to his head, he said, “I know where I come from.  My head is already pretty big.  My head is big, my hair is big and my heart is big.”

On his song selection for his audition,  Drake said, “His eye is on the Sparrow” is one of the first songs I began singing in Church.  I thought I should go in there and do something I was comfortable with.  Gospel is where I started.  Gospel is where I am.  I began going to Church at Rhea Central Church of God.  He began singing National Anthem around fifth grade and first place was at Spring City Red Dog(youth football) field.”

The biggest venue he sang the national anthem at was at Middle Tennessee State University during the basketball state tournament in 2018.

Drake began singing when he was five and pursuing it when he was around eight.

“I am wanting to see where American Idol takes me first.  I want to go to college.”

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