Drake McCain Taylor Advances on American Idol

Drake McCain Taylor hit it out of the park on his first airing on American Idol and advanced to Hollywood.(Photo::GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Drake and Katy Perry Harmonize

March 2019

Louisville, KY —  Drake Taylor and Abigail Corvin began the night singing three songs on the stage with the huge screen behing them.  Drake Taylor made his appearance before the big 3 judges, Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie and Kady Perry on television last night and was outstanding.  He sang “Eye of the Sparrow” and as he sang, judge and mega star Katy Perry began to harmonize and continued on with “O Happy Day” with Drake and the audience at Rhea County High School gathered for the live steam went wild.  It was a doubly special moment as not only did Drave advance to Hollywood but he made a very special memory.

Afterwards, fellow students, friends and well wishers came by to pose for pics and share hugs with a down to earth kid who was flush with excitement, even though he already knew the results before hand.  It was a special night for everyone there in the auditorium and in Rhea County as one of their own was enjoying success.

Afterwards Drake Taylor said, “It was a night to remember.”

When asked about harmonizing with Katy Perry, Drake said, “I don’t know what heaven is like, but I think that was kind of close to it.  She was an anglel.”

Drake who had previously auditioned for Voice and Americas Got Talent, decided to get back into music and do his audition for American Idol.  He sent in an audition vocal to the judges and received an opportunity for special audition in Nashville, Tennessee and he received his golden ticket.  He then went to Louisville back in Febuary and auditioned in the episode that aired last night and last night the nation found out that Drake’s got a lot of talent.  We will now watch to find out just how Drake will fair against some of the best talent in America.

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