Dayton now has largest access to Chickamauga Lake

Community partners join TVA and TWRA representatives to celebrate largest access ramp to Lake Chickamauga. (Fish Dayton)

City of Dayton partners with TVA and TWRA to create the largest access facility on Chickamauga Lake

For monster bass tournaments or local lake recreation, Dayton Boat Dock now has the largest lake access on Lake Chickamauga.  The facility upgrades were presented in a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Chickamauga Lake access project made possible by a  partnership of the City of Dayton, TVA, and TWRA.


I use Dayton everywhere I go. Dayton is an example and a very powerful one.

Rebecca Tolene – TVA Recreation & Tourism


Upgrades to the tune of $61,000 to the existing Dayton Boat Dock facilities were provided through grants in which TVA contributed over $41,000, TWRA $20,000, and labor provided by the City of Dayton.

Through these upgrades, the ramp can now launch up to eight boats simultaneously.  Other upgrades include enhanced parking for trailers and around the facility.

“We were really happy to step in and partner with the city and also with TVA on this program.  We’re always looking for good access for the sportsmen and women of Tennessee,” stated TWRA Boater Safety Director Matt Clarey.

TVA’s Senior Recreation Manager, Jerry Fouse, applauded the city council for “vision” and “leadership” in the steps they’ve taken towards the waterfront redevelopment and also the trails and greenways projects currently underway.

“It makes our job at TVA easier in having a blueprint that shows where you’re going and how you’re going to get there,” said Fouse.

TVA’s top Recreation Strategy and Tourism official, Rebecca Tolune, says Dayton is a powerful example of how communities can use their natural resources to spur economic growth.

“The people of Dayton are well-served by the local leadership they have and what it has done for this community,” said Tolune.

“And this is a community that is passionate about both their community and good fishing.  They have created something here that has been very powerful.”

Tolune says she uses Dayton as an example for rural communities across the Tennessee Valley for what they can do to encourage economic growth with their waterfront and other natural resources.

Over the past two years, an increase in fishing related tourism has encouraged over $10 million of economic development in the city.

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